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The Must-Knows and Must-Haves of Bedliner Application

There are many bedliners available on the market today, ranging from drop-in bedliners to sprayable products. If you opt for a two-component sprayable option, you’ll want to make sure you take the necessary steps to get the most durable, protective finish for your job.  Proper preparation is key whether you are applying product to a

VIDEO: U-POL Raptor Protective Coatings, Part 2

Dan Reutter discusses the types of additives available for the Raptor Protective Coating system, such as the Raptor Traction 4800 with anti-skid properties.

VIDEO: U-POL Raptor Protective Coatings, Part 1

Dan Reutter discusses U-POL’s Raptor Protective Coating system, a tough and durable 2K coating for use as a truck bedliner or full exterior protective coating.

Add on the Profit with Bedliners, Light-Emitting Coatings, Armor and More

These add-on businesses could be just what you need to boost your bottom line.

SEM Releases Standard Operating Procedure for Sprayed-On Bedliners

The SOP and accompanying video lists three steps to take to ensure successful application of a sprayed-on bedliner.

Scorpion Releases New ASC6 High-Pressure Bed Liner System

The system operates with 220 single-phase electric and doesn’t use printed circuit boards or CPU, which makes it simple to diagnose or repair if needed.

Tough and Durable Sprayed-On Bedliner

The ArmorThane topcoat color system matches factory-painted vehicles, including whites and metallics. Also, the aliphatic topcoat resists fading.

ArmorThane Spray-On Bed Liners

ArmorThane provides the toughest and most durable coatings available for bed liners and more.

Thicker, Better Spray Liner with Superior Support

The Spray-Lining product can easily bond with leading poly and epoxy formulas, allowing repairs on most spray-on bedliners.

Easy to Apply Heat and Noise Shield

Al’s Heat and Noise Reducer (HNR) is a proprietary blend of latex synthetic polymers. It contains acrylic, PVA and vinyl styrene reinforced with ceramic microspheres that provide incredible insulation, heat reflection and sound deadening properties. HNR can withstand up to 500°F and reflects exterior temperatures by 45°F or more and reflects up to 36 percent

‘Tuff’ Bedliner

Zolatone Automotive, Industrial & Marine has relaunched the Tuff Rider urethane bedliner system with a new and improved formula. Tuff Rider has been redesigned to offer a durable, protective and easier- to-apply coating for the application to truck beds and many other uses. This tough, textured coating is resistant to water, solvent, chemicals and abrasion

Cleaning, Polishing, Refinishing

Al’s Nylon Filament Cup Brush is made with special nylon filaments blended with silicon carbide. It lasts up to six times longer than conventional wire brushes, and uses include frame and body cleaning, polishing and surface refinishing. It’s safe for use on metal, wood and plastic surfaces and is an excellent prep tool for Al’s