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VIDEO: Repairing Carbon Fiber, Part 1

Is repairing carbon fiber really black magic?

Automakers’ Focus on Lightweighting Spurring Innovation, Frost & Sullivan Says

The automakers’ quest to achieve weight reduction, improved aesthetics, superior mechanical properties and cost savings is creating dynamic new product and technology innovations within the automotive composites sector, according to Frost & Sullivan.

BMW: 2019 8 Series Coupe New Materials, Tech

BMW has announced that its 2019 8 Series Coupe, with a mixed-material body, will come with the option to swap out the different facets of the car with carbon fiber as well as new sensor and driver assistance technology.

Dissecting Today’s Vehicles

With the advanced materials in today’s vehicles, looking up the OE procedures has become a necessity.

Technical: Carbon Fiber – More Challenges on the Horizon

Automakers are continually turning to lighter materials to hit government fuel efficiency standards. That’s why we may see more carbon fiber in the future.

Report: Carbon Fiber in Automotive Manufacturing Could Double by 2020

The use of carbon fibers and polymer matrix composites enable car-body weight reductions of an estimated 25 to 70 percent compared to competing materials, according to IHS.

Artist Utilizes Axalta Coating Technology to Finish Carbon Fiber Sculpture

Artist Alastair Gibson’s carbon fiber sculptures cleverly incorporate titanium Formula One parts, each of which has a production and part number that can be traced back to a specific car and race.

New Project Aims to Decrease the Cost of Carbon Fiber

The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation’s (IACMI) project will also look into how to decrease cost and cycle times, which currently limit the use of carbon fiber in automotive structural parts.

Carbon Fiber and Plastics Driving Automotive Innovation

The growing trend toward “lightweighting” vehicles is driven in large part by the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) fuel efficiency standards mandating 54.5 miles per gallon for auto fleets by 2025.

Carbon Fiber Structural Repair – Black Magic?

Carbon fiber repair can be done, and the aviation industry has proven that with tested techniques. Here’s what you need to know on the auto body side.

BMW Unveils New BMW 7 Series with Extensive Use of Carbon Fiber

Automaker states that the 7 Series is the first-ever vehicle in which mass-produced, carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic is used in combination with steel and aluminum.

Ford Signs Agreement with DowAksa to Advance Research on Carbon Fiber

Automaker says agreement reinforces its commitment to bring carbon fiber components to the broader market.