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Carubba Collision Acquired by Gerber Collision & Glass

The Boyd Group announced that it has entered its 27th state with the acquisition of Carubba Collision’s 18 collision repair centers located in New York.

Five Ways to ‘Wow’ Your Collision Repair Customers

A great-quality repair is expected; a “wow” customer service gesture isn’t.

Simple Repair Job Convinced MSO to Develop Procedures for Scanning, Diagnostics and Recalibration

One of our good customers got in a very minor accident with his new Honda Pilot. The job was a simple one: Replace the bumper, right front fender and door mirror, and repair a small dent on the door.

Grow Your Own Auto Body Technicians

In the ongoing struggle to find good techs, some collision repairers are going old school.

Finding Your Body Shop’s Competitive Advantage in a Changing Industry

Our business philosophy and strategy has taken us from the one 5,500-square-foot shop Dad started to the 17 locations we currently serve throughout New York.

Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Your Auto Body Shop

Our strategy for achieving and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement and teamwork starts with the fact that every improvement requires change.

The MSO: Sell or Stay in the Game?

Is it time to consider selling your collision repair business, or do you make the investment that will be necessary to be a formidable competitor?

Carubba Collision Expands in New York State

With the addition of three new stores in Amsterdam, Utica and Syracuse, Carubba Collision Corp. now has 17 total stores throughout New York State.

The MSO: The Key to Maintaining Consistency

We recognize that our organization’s ability to consistently deliver the best quality, speed and cost performance is critical to our success today and in the future.

The MSO: KPIs – The Key to Delivering Top Performance

I believe it is critical to our continued success to deliver the best performance on quality, speed and cost to our clients.

The MSO: Developing, Executing and Improving Standard Operating Procedures

Developing standards, executing on those standards and continuously improving your processes is critical to achieving and maintaining your competitive advantage.

Carubba Collision Launches New Employee Recruitment Website

The new website,, includes information on apprenticeship opportunities with Carubba Collision as well as a job application.