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Auto Body Equipment and Supplies That I Like – Part II

Few consumable products are more commonplace in body shops than sandpaper, yet their cost varies widely. So which one would I buy? Here’s a brief overview of the technology involved.

Auto Body Equipment and Supplies That I Like

Over my long career, I’ve been asked many times for my recommendations on products, tools or equipment by brand name. “Which one would YOU buy?” is the query.

Tree-Stump Pulling, Pranks and Other ‘Sketchy’ Memories from 48 Years in the Auto Body Industry

A standing joke in our business is about the country body shop that pulled out frame damage with log chains and tree stumps.

Communication with Employees: What the Best Auto Body Shops Are Doing

Start talking about business with your employees, tell them clearly where you are and where you would like to be. My bet is they’ll pitch in and help you make the goal. 

Looking for Auto Body Techs? Get Involved with Your Local Vo-Tech School

Rather than try and steal techs from a competing shop (the model for any brand-new collision location), turn mechanics into body techs or train the local HVAC technicians to fix cars instead of furnaces, go where the interest in collision repair already exists.

Dollar Average Repair, Close Rate and Other Ways to Measure Your Body Shop’s Success

I’m firmly convinced that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Inside the Cheap, Rusty World of Used Car Body Shops in the 1970s

As a PB&E jobber in the 1970s, Mark Clark learned that rust ruled in used car body shops, and there were several degrees of cheap.

Clark’s Corner: A Culture of Safety

We’re certainly a tough bunch in collision repair, but even the toughest guy in your shop is still at the mercy of flying debris, dangerous overspray or solvent absorption.

Vehicle Technology and Driverless Cars

I’m confident that our industry will adapt to the electronic-nanny revolution currently underway and will be ready to replace and recalibrate whichever devices the vehicle manufacturer incorporates to keep me safe.

Custom Paint Lessons From My ’74 Suzuki TS-250 Scrambler

Last month, I talked about my first acrylic enamel complete on a ratty MGB. This month, I’ll tell you the story of my 1974 Suzuki TS-250 scrambler (a style currently called dual-sport) that was my first personal effort at a three-stage candy paint job.

Clark’s Corner: Wise Advice from (Really) Old Collision Industry Veterans

In a series of conversations with some old friends and customers, we generated a non-inclusive list of ways to save labor time, get organized and produce better work faster.

Do the Facility Math

Comparing your shop to industry benchmarks is a great way to identify areas to fix or improve.

Do the facility math