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Clean, Dry and Heated Atomized Air from Your Air Compressor

The Solution is designed to clean, dry and heat the atomizing air for today’s spray paint requirements.

Martech Offers Bulk Filter Kits for Breathing Systems

Martech’s Best Buy Filter Kits make it easier for users to acquire all the needed filters for its Quality Air Breathing Systems.

Martech Model 50-WB Produces Breathable Air for Workers, Superior Air for Spraying

As the use of waterborne paints becomes more popular and in some areas required, the need for clean and dry compressed sprayable air is a critical component.

Building the Perfect Body Shop Owner

What traits and skills does the perfect body shop owner have? We set out to find out and build that person block by block.

Martech Introduces Waterborne Breathable Air Combo System

The Model 50-WB Waterborne Breathable Air Combo System from Martech Services can process up to 50 SCFM of breathable air or 35 SCFM of ultra-clean and ultra-dry air, or any combination within those parameters.

KrestoGT Wipes Allow for Heavy-Duty Cleaning on the Go

The fresh cherry scent neutralizes heavy petroleum odors, and the VOC-compliant formulation uses no harmful solvents or silicones, making them safe for hands and tools.

Waterborne Breathable Air Combo System

The Model 50-WB has all the features of a Quality Air Breathing System Model 50 series system, plus the additional ability to lower the dew point and relative humidity for spraying waterborne paints.

Achieve Grade “D” Breathable Air

Martech’s Model 50 SL System will provide Grade “D” Breathable Air for a NIOSH-approved respirator, and with the provided 54-inch tool air hose, will supply air for a spray gun, all via the included single-line hose assembly.

Seeing Green

J.R. Hubbard wanted to stand out from the hundreds of body shops packed in his market. So he went all in on green, and is now seeing more green of the money kind.

Compact and Versatile Rotary Screw Compressors

The new AS series of rotary screw compressors features a new airend specifically designed to optimize performance and efficiency.

Achieve Grade “D” Breathable Air

Martech’s Model 50 Single Line Hose System works with the existing compressed air supply to provide Grade “D” Breathable Air for a NIOSH-approved respirator.

Four-Stage .01 Micron Filter

The series of SuperStar .01 Micron Filters is designed to operate most effectively within 25 feet of the point of use.