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Portable Fume Extraction

The RoboVent Mini Power Plant provides convenient, portable fume extraction in a compact yet powerful package that can easily go with you wherever you need it. The Mini plugs into a standard 110V outlet and comes with a 15-ft.-long, 2-in. diameter hose and source capture hood. Other hood combinations are available, such as a cone

Complete Compressed Air System

Cleaning, drying and heating the atomizing from your existing compressed air source can be accomplished with The Solution by Martech Services Company. The Solution is a complete compressed air system designed to clean, dry and heat the atomizing air for spray paint requirements. It has four-stage filtration and an automatic moisture discharger. Clean air is

Single Line Hose Breathable Air System

Compliance with the OSHA requirement for Grade “D” Breathable Air can be accomplished with the use of a Quality Air Breathing System Model 50 Sl. When used properly, the system will work with the existing compressed air supply to provide breathable air for a NIOSH-approved respirator, and with the provided 54-in. tool air hose, it

Clean Shop Air at a Low Cost

For less than 95 cents per square foot of space, you can breathe 75 to 90 percent cleaner shop air and reduce exhaust by 80 percent. Use AIROMAX air cleaners hung from the ceiling and watch the clouds of overspray, weld smoke and sanding dust disappear. Wash the prefilters every six to eight weeks and replace

Vacuum Power Tools Catalog

A new 64-page catalog featuring Dynabrade’s full line of vacuum power tools and accessories designed to capture dust, debris and contaminants in the workplace is now available. The catalog features random orbital sanders, disc sanders, cut-off wheel tools, finishing sanders and more. Call (716) 631-0100.

Waterborne Work Station

With its multi-stage filtration system and self- contained en-closure, the Mobile Work Station 1-1/2-hp series provides a clean work area for prepping, sanding or limited high-quality painting. It also provides sufficient airflow to dry waterborne products. A recirculation system maximizes workspace and productivity and reduces energy costs. Call (800) 242-6870 or visit

‘Xtreme’ Filter Cleaning

The Attix series of industrial vacuums by Nilfisk ALTO is equipped with ergonomic, user-friendly features like the Xtreme Clean filter-cleaning system. Xtreme Clean automatically removes caked-on auto body dust from the filter, improving performance and minimizing interruptions. Visit or call (800) 645-3475.  

A Breath of Fresh Air

Protect yourself and your workers from inhaling hazardous fumes, gases, emissions and vapors with the redesigned Kaeser Breathing Air System (KBS). It removes excess moisture, solid particles, oil and oil vapor, and carbon monoxide that may be present in ordinary compressed air. The system meets health and safety requirements, and can feed face masks, hoods

Fight Dirty with These Wet/Dry Vacuums

From sanding and polishing to drilling and trimming, body shop work generates large amounts of dust that can interfere with product quality and workforce health. The powerful Attix 12 wet/dry vacuum by Nilfisk ALTO  improves air quality and increases productivity. Equipped with an auxiliary power outlet, it can be used with any shrouded vacuum-assisted power

Eliminate Dirt and Dust

The Eurovac I industrial grade system’s powerful turbine pump and cyclone remove virtually all sanding dust at the source, leaving you with a cleaner and healthier work environment. Cyclonic filtration removes 99 percent of dust before the secondary filter. The remaining 1 percent of dust is removed by a secondary cartridge filter that’s automatically cleaned

Reduce Heating Costs

AIROMAX units hung from your ceiling can reduce all of your shop’s air pollutants by 75 percent to 90 percent. Save your lungs and reduce clean-up. Also, reduce exhaust and save heat costs.  Wash each of the pre-filters every six to eight weeks and replace each low-cost primary filter every 12 to 18 months. Call

Eliminate Airborne Pollution

Ceiling-mounted air purifiers clear entire shop areas of airborne pollution at efficiencies up to 99 percent without exhausting. High-efficiency, three-stage filtration captures sanding dust, over-spray, welding smoke, and torch and plasma fumes. A large, color-coded gauge constantly monitors the filtration process and is readable from ground level. Call (800) 280-4546 or visit