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Efficient Air Filtration

CamAir’s new 3-stage Air Filtration System is a great choice for shops converting to waterborne base coats. With ultra-low pressure drop, the Cam- Air 3-Stage produces oil-free and particulate-free air. It features a first-stage water trap and dirt filter, a second-stage sub-micron oil coalescer, and a third-stage charcoal adsorber. The compact design can fit into

Complete Air Treatment in One Package

Moisture, oil and dirt in compressed air lines hurt product quality, reduce productivity and increase maintenance requirements in shop equipment. The High Temperature Refrigerated Dryer (HTRD) removes moisture and filters contaminants in one compact package. All HTRD models include a precooler/reheater, chiller, two-stage separator/filter and automatic drain. They’re specifically designed to work well in environments

Eliminate Airborne Pollution

Ceiling-mounted air purifiers clear entire shop areas of airborne pollution at efficiencies up to 99% without exhausting. High-efficiency, three-stage filtration captures sanding dust, over-spray and welding smoke, plus torch and plasma fumes. A large, color-coded gauge constantly monitors the filtration process and is readable from ground level. Call (800) 280-4546.

Eliminate Dirt and Dust

The Eurovac I industrial grade system’s powerful turbine pump and cyclone re-move virtually all sanding dust at the source, leaving you with a cleaner and healthier work environment. Cyclonic filtration removes 99 percent of dust before the secondary filter. The remaining 1 percent of dust is removed by a secondary cartridge filter that’s automatically cleaned

Detect Harmful Gasses

GfG’s new intrinsically safe G460 is a rugged, compact instrument for simultaneous detection of up to six gasses. Installed sensor options include infrared (NDIR) for CO2 and PID for VOC measurements. The G460 offers automatic calibration, one-button operation, top-mounted display and interchangeable battery packs. GfG’s concussion-proof boot, along with the highly dust- and water-resistant housing,