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5 Steps to Making Your Auto Body Shop Green and Clean

Here are a few things I’ve learned about being green and clean and how it benefits your team, repair quality, customers — and ultimately your bottom line.

Safely Remove Scum from Tires and Wheels

All Wheel & Tire Cleaner safely removes stubborn road grime, brake dust and general scum without staining or etching wheels.

Protect Customers’ Seats

Constructed from a heavy vinyl-coated polyester fabric, the Seat Protector easily slips over a customer’s seat preventing the transfer of any substance on a worker’s clothing that could potentially damage the customer’s seat.

Quickly Restore Headlights

Diamond Magic uses multi-level microscopic submicron diamond compounds to cut degradation on headlights.

Remove Rough Contaminants from Vehicle Surface

Mystic Clay quickly and easily removes tree sap, industrial fallout, rail/brake dust and other contaminants that make vehicle surfaces feel rough.

Foaming Pre-Cleaner

Remove wax and grease prior to paint, as well as road grime, salt and rubbing compound.

Achieve Peak Static Removal

The Neutralizer AC Auto Body Refinishing Gun incorporates the efficiency and power of an air amplifier with the proven technology of corona ionization to produce an effective, static-eliminating blow-off gun.

Foaming Wax and Grease Remover

The RBL system is designed as a foaming wax and grease remover prior to paint.

Wall-Mounted Spray Gun Cleaner

Uni-ram’s UM80WF wall-mounted spray gun cleaner has a wastewater treatment system built in.

Speed the Cleaning of Waterborne Spray Guns

This water heater from Uni-ram improves the gun-cleaning process. Cleaning with warm water speeds the cleaning of waterborne spray guns and allows for easier removal of hardened paint.

Spacious Sink for Gun Cleaning

The Drester Boxer series spray gun cleaners are cabinet-styled units that are as durable and versatile as ever.

Coagulate Waterborne for Easy Waste Disposal

Herkules now offers a coagulant that effectively coagulates waterborne paint within a spray gun cleaning solution so shops can reduce and easily dispose of waste. CoAgent, part number CA01, is in a powder form and needs only one 1 oz. scoop to 5 gallons of dirty waterborne cleaning solution for effective separation. It quickly coagulates