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5 Steps to Making Your Auto Body Shop Green and Clean

Here are a few things I’ve learned about being green and clean and how it benefits your team, repair quality, customers — and ultimately your bottom line.

Kent Automotive Introduces Bio Mighty Degreaser

The cleaner/degreaser is perfect for industrial cleaning, automotive shop floors, concrete, pressure washing, engine degreasing and parts washing.

KrestoGT Wipes Allow for Heavy-Duty Cleaning on the Go

The fresh cherry scent neutralizes heavy petroleum odors, and the VOC-compliant formulation uses no harmful solvents or silicones, making them safe for hands and tools.

Spot-Clean Painting Equipment

Sparkle Clean low-VOC aerosol spray cleaner can quickly spot-clean all painting equipment.

Add Versatility to Your Vacuum

The VaccUFlex kit consists of two thermoplastic rubber caps that easily attach to wet/dry, upright or canister vacuum hoses so you can use four sizes of small-diameter flexible tubing.

Protect Seats from Stains

The 4050 Seat Protector is made of heavy-duty vinyl coated fabric that’s resistant to water and oil.

Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner

Kresto Cherry is formulated to quickly clean hands of heavy dirt, grease and grime.

Hand Cleaner with Pumice Scrubbers

GOJO Cherry Gel Pumice Hand Cleaner, a heavy-duty hand cleaner with pumice scrubbers, quickly cleans the heaviest dirt while leaving skin feeling refreshed.

Safely Crush and Drain Aerosol Cans

The air-operated Aerosol Can Crusher, model AFC2, punctures, drains and crushes cans, providing an efficient and environmentally safe method for disposing waste and reducing costs. Up to two cans are flattened in a 25- to 60-second cycle, and 95 to 98 percent of the residual liquid is removed. An outlet valve allows for draining and

Heal Your Hands

Uncle Earl’s Soap, a powerful cleaning and hydrating hand soap, is proven to be effective at removing dirt, microscopic metal shavings, grease and oils while strengthening skin and leaving it undamaged. It has the cleaning power of a strong abrasive soap, but instead of damaging skin, it protects hands by leaving behind hydrating compounds. It

Tough on Grease, Easy on Hands

Kresto Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner from STOKO Skin Care is the professionals’ choice, and STOKO says it’s the best hand cleaner on the market. It’s engineered to be tough on grease but easy on hands. Get pure performance with Kresto Skin Repair’s non-greasy formula to help heal hard- working hands, while Kresto Kwik Wipes provide

New Tool Box Products

Kresto heavy duty hand cleaner is the professionals’ choice and, according to Stoko, by far the best hand cleaner on the market. It’s engineered to be tough on grease but easy on hands. Pure Performance continues with Kresto Skin Repair’s non-greasy formula to help heal hard-working hands, while Kresto Kwik Wipes provide quick cleaning of