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Clore Automotive Appoints New VP of Sales

Clore Automotive has announced the appointment of Dan Lucas as vice president of sales.

Clore Automotive Debuts Next-Gen Jump Starter & Power Supply

The JNC345 is an ideal shop tool, combining robust jump-starting power with numerous features that deliver utility and convenience.

Clore Automotive Introduces New PRO-LOGIX Wheel Charger

The new PRO-LOGIX Wheel Charger Model PL3740 delivers battery charging and engine starting to battery maintenance and power supply support for a variety of applications.

Clore Automotive Introduces Updated PRO-LOGIX Battery Charger

The new battery charger utilizes advanced microprocessor-controlled logic to deliver a fully automatic, precisely controlled charging routine to optimally charge and maintain each battery serviced.

Clore Automotive Introduces Light-N-Carry LED Flood Light

Whether in an automotive
garage, on a building site or in an industrial environment, Light-N-Carry A/F/S lighting solutions provide bright illumination, long run times and easy recharging.

Clore Automotive Introduces Intelligent Battery Charger

Clore Automotive has introduced a new 12-volt 20/10/2A Intelligent Battery Charger with Engine Start Assistance, model no. PL2545, from SOLAR.

New PRO-LOGIX 2A x 4 Channel Battery Maintenance Station from SOLAR

The PRO-LOGIX PL4020 utilizes advanced microprocessor-controlled logic to precisely deliver a fully automatic charging routine designed to optimally charge and maintain each battery serviced.