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Survey: More Shops Researching OE Procedures for Battery Reconnects

Approximately 34% of collision repairers said they research the OEM procedures required after reconnecting a battery all the time.

Survey Yields Alarming Results on Test Welds

The latest “Who Pays for What?” survey indicates that 37% of repairers have never sought to be paid to perform test welds.

Survey: More Body Shops Being Paid for Seat Belt Inspections

Shops are increasingly billing for — and being paid for — seat belt inspections, according to the latest “Who Pays for What?” survey.

Survey: More Auto Body Shops Using Materials Invoicing

Significantly more body shops now are using an invoicing system to bill for materials — at least some of the time — according to a “Who Pays for What” survey conducted earlier this year.

NABC Announces New Level One Partner

The NABC announced that the Collision Advice Legacy Group Spartan 300 has joined them as a level one partner.

Survey: More Shops Being Paid for Clearing Customer Data

According to the latest “Who Pays for What?” survey, more collision repair facilities are getting paid for the labor to erase personal data for a customer whose vehicle has been declared a total loss. 

Survey: More Shops Getting Paid for Masking During Priming

Approximately 45% of shops today say they’re paid always or most of the time for masking during priming.

Survey: Who Gets Paid for Destructive Weld Testing?

“Who Pays for What?” survey finds continued increase in shops billing (and being paid) to set up and perform destructive weld testing.

Smaller, Regional Auto Insurers Get Top Grades from Repairers

According to the 2021 CRASH Network Insurer Report Card, collision repairers continue to see smaller auto insurers outpacing the 10 largest insurers.

Survey Says More Shops Getting Paid for Seatbelt Inspection

About two in five shops now say they are paid “always” or “most of the time” by the eight largest insurers when they perform and bill for seatbelt inspection.

Survey Says More Shops Being Paid for Mask for Priming

Five years after the first survey, almost twice as many shops report regularly being paid for the labor to mask vehicles during the priming process.

Survey Reveals Insights on OEM Repair Procedures

Survey revealed that in 75% of shops, estimators and repair planners are responsible for researching OEM repair procedures.