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Consumer Groups Ask Feds to Launch Probe into Tesla’s Autopilot

The Center for Auto Safety and Consumer Watchdog are calling on the Federal Trade Commission “to investigate dangerously misleading and deceptive advertising and marketing practices and representations made by Tesla Motors Inc. regarding the safety and capabilities of its Autopilot feature.”

Consumer Watchdog Joins Coalition Demanding DOT Exercise Strong Oversight of Driverless Vehicles

The group Consumer Watchdog said it has joined a broad coalition calling on the U.S. Department of Transportation to fulfill its legal obligation to ensure effective oversight for the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicles Tested on California Roads Aren’t Safe Without Someone Behind Steering Wheel: Consumer Group

New reports required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles from companies testing autonomous cars on the state’s public roads show the technology isn’t safe unless it’s monitored by a human behind a steering wheel who can take control, according to the group Consumer Watchdog.

Consumer Group Urges Withdrawal of State Farm-Backed Bill that Would Repeal Labor-Rate Survey Guidelines in California

Consumer Watchdog urged California State Assembly member Autumn Burke to withdraw State Farm-backed legislation that would repeal recently enacted Department of Insurance voluntary labor-rate survey guidelines and would eliminate a consumer’s right to select an auto body shop of their choice.

California insurers warn that new labor rates will hit consumers in their wallets.
Consumer Watchdog: Autonomous Vehicle Bill Would Create ‘Wild West’ Without Safety Protections

A U.S. Senate bill aiming to pave the way for the development of driverless vehicles is a threat to highway safety, the group Consumer Watchdog asserted.

Consumer Watchdog Urges Congress to Let States Set Safety Standards for Autonomous Vehicles

As a House subcommittee considered more than a dozen bills proposing various federal standards for self-driving vehicles, the group Consumer Watchdog expressed concern that a federal proposal to pre-empt state safety regulations “would leave a regulatory void without meaningful safety protections.”

Consumer Advocates Sue NHTSA for Ignoring Automatic Emergency Braking Petition

If NHTSA required automakers to adopt advanced safety technologies, Consumer Watchdog believes it could prevent or limit the injuries and property damage from an estimated 910,000 automobile crashes every year.

Consumer Watchdog Group Urges California DMV to Ignore Pressure from Google

Consumer Watchdog’s letter came after an AP report that said Google is frustrated with the DMV’s pace at crafting regulations covering the public use of robot cars.

Consumer Watchdog Petitions California DMV to Amend Driverless Car Testing Rules

Amendment would require police to investigate accidents and require driverless car companies to provide video and technical data related to the crashes.

Google Releases More Driverless Car Crash Details

Internet giant released the first report on its driverless car project, which included a synopsis of the 12 accidents since it began testing the robot cars in 2009.

Consumer Watchdog Cites Shortcomings In Driverless Car Technology

Consumer advocacy group warns California DMV of allowing Google to push it into issuing rules regulating the public use of “robot cars” on highways that are “inadequate to protect public safety.”