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Ultimate Frame Coater Kit for Inside-Out Rust Protection

KBS Coatings’ Ultimate Frame Coater Kit provides everything needed for ultimate inside-out rust protection for auto frames, auto bodies and more.

KBS Coatings Cavity Coater Protects Against Rust

Cavity Coater is a single-step, super-penetrating, corrosion-inhibiting coating designed for long-term protection of all metal surfaces.

KBS Coatings Introduces All-In-One Rust Protection Kit

KBS Coatings has introduced the All-In-One three-step rust and corrosion prevention kit.

Proper Welders for Corrosion Protection

A major problem facing all shops today is the corrosion protection of a vehicle, particularly the corrosion arising from welding and in seams of panels welded together during the repair.

Martin Senour Introduces Rustproof M/D

Upon application, RustProof M/D seals the surface of the substrate, stopping existing rust from spreading and new rust from forming.

Protect Repairs from Corrosion with 3M Cavity Wax Plus

The new 3M Cavity Wax Plus uses a corrosion-inhibiting formula that will wick into tight seams to protect welded areas and enclosed cavities with a film that will not harden and remain flowable to self-heal if scratched or abraded.