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KBS Coatings Introduces All-In-One Rust Protection Kit

KBS Coatings has introduced the All-In-One three-step rust and corrosion prevention kit.

VIDEO: Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion and how it can be prevented.

Safely Remove Rust from a Variety of Metals

Rust Release will safely remove rust from steel, copper, iron, brass or aluminum.

VIDEO: Restoring Corrosion Protection

How taking corrosion protection into consideration when performing repairs may help prevent costly comebacks.

Technical: STRSW – Preventing Corrosion

Automakers are requiring squeeze-type resistance spot welding during repairs because it limits heat, provides better corrosion protection and adds longevity to repairs.

Protect Repairs from Corrosion with 3M Cavity Wax Plus

The new 3M Cavity Wax Plus uses a corrosion-inhibiting formula that will wick into tight seams to protect welded areas and enclosed cavities with a film that will not harden and remain flowable to self-heal if scratched or abraded.

Corrosion Protection for Aluminum

SprayMax’s 2K Wash Primer is one product of the SprayMax Aerosol Small Damage Repair System and provides exceptional corrosion protection on different metal surfaces – specifically aluminum – used by OEMs.