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Crash Network Releases Results of 2024 Insurer Report Card

A record-high 19 companies, including six of the largest U.S. auto insurers, received a grade of C- or lower.

CRASH Network Launches Annual Insurer Report Card

More than 1,000 collision repair professionals each year grade the performance of the auto insurers in their state through CRASH Network’s Insurer Report Card.

Survey: More Auto Body Shops Using Materials Invoicing

Significantly more body shops now are using an invoicing system to bill for materials — at least some of the time — according to a “Who Pays for What” survey conducted earlier this year.

CRASH Network Releases Results of Insurer Report Card

Twenty-nine auto insurers out of more than 87 received a grade of B or higher from collision repairers for customer service and how well they work to ensure quality repairs.

Last Chance for Collision Repairers to Grade Insurers

CRASH Network’s national “Insurer Report Card” survey is only open until Dec. 13, so grade now!

Crash Network’s Insurer Report Card Now Open

The annual report card allows collision repairers to help consumers understand the differences among insurers.

CRASH Network Asks Repairers to Grade Insurers

CRASH Network has once again announced the launch of its “insurer report card” to allow collision repairers to grade the performance of insurers in their state.

More Auto Body Shops Using Materials Invoicing Systems: ‘Who Pays for What?’ Survey

Although the majority of shops are still using a simple calculation of dollars-per-refinish-hour to bill for refinish materials on estimates, the first “Who Pays for What?” survey of 2018 found that the percentage of shops using materials invoicing systems to calculate these charges has increased.

More Auto Body Shops Getting Paid to Research OEM Repair Procedures, ‘Who Pays for What?’ Survey Finds

In the fall 2017 survey, 11 percent of shops said the eight largest auto insurers are paying them an administrative fee “always” or “most of the time” for researching OEM procedures.

Houston Auto Body Association Encourages Members to Complete Insurer Report Card

The Houston Auto Body Association is asking members to participate in the CRASH Network’s second annual Insurer Report Card.

‘Who Pays for What?’ Survey Finds Insurers Will Pay for Cooling-System Test and Purge

Mike Anderson’s “Who Pays for What?” survey finds that many body shops aren’t charging to pressure-test and purge cooling systems, even though insurers are willing to pay for it.

Mike Anderson discussed negotiation tactics at NORTHEAST 2017
Collision Repairers Give High Marks to Regional Auto Insurers

Smaller, lesser-known insurers received the highest marks from collision repairers asked to grade the auto insurers’ claims practices in the 2017 CRASH Network “Insurer Report Card.”