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How to Re-sell on Delivery

A thoughtful re-sell on the repair is the perfect opportunity to tell Mrs. Smith what you did to make her vehicle whole. By setting her expectations in the office and explaining the repairs in a proud and positive manner at the car door, the shop can increase her initial satisfaction by as much as 40%.

CSI: Playing the Game

CSI scores are not always fair, but utilized correctly, they can be a great force for good. And much of that starts with how it’s framed, explained and executed from the top.

Focusing on a “Total Quality” Experience in Your Auto Body Shop

The meaning of quality in the auto body industry has evolved to include customer experience, the workmanship and time it took to complete the repairs, the car rental and the manner in which the claim was settled with the insurance company. This is “total quality.”

The MSO: KPIs – The Key to Delivering Top Performance

I believe it is critical to our continued success to deliver the best performance on quality, speed and cost to our clients.

It’s Classified

After all these years of watching collision repairer licensing efforts, I still think the solution is to do the absolute best job your shop can and let the market punish the poorly run competition.

Survey Finds What Really Drives Customer Satisfaction During Insurance Claims Process

Survey finds that the most influential attribute of the claims experience was “my insurance company acted in my best interest.”

Gullo Toyota Notches Third Consecutive Toyota National Triple Crown Collision Repair Award

Dealership earned the award based on meeting Toyota’s highest standards for customer service and rigid criteria for productivity in numerous key areas of the collision business.