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Addressing Cyber Security in Your Body Shop

Ryan Cropper, owner of Able Body Shop, a three-store operation in Anchorage, Alaska, nearly lost everything on his personal office computer. Here’s how to avoid the same happening to you.

Poll: Americans Divided on Self-Driving Cars

A new survey shows that most Americans have mixed feelings about self-driving vehicles, according to an article by U.S. News.

Experts: Vehicle Data Access and Choice Necessary for Drivers

Automotive, security and privacy experts, policymakers and consumer advocates discussed “How the Connected Car Impacts Consumer Choice” at the Washington Auto Show.

Study: Who Will Control Autonomous Vehicle Data?

Researchers are calling on the companies and developers of the “black boxes” in autonomous cars to be more open as to what happens with the data and for the navigation devices themselves to have greater transparency.

New Study Highlights Cybersecurity Risks in Automotive Industry

A survey conducted by Ponemon Institute indicates that an alarming number of automotive professionals (84 percent) have concerns that their organizations’ cybersecurity practices aren’t keeping pace with evolving technologies.

Driverless Vehicles’ Cybersecurity Questioned in New York Times Article

As automakers and technology firms continue their quest to develop a viable autonomous vehicle, digital automotive security experts are trying to figure out how to prevent hackers from penetrating the vehicle’s computer area network (CAN).

U.S. DOT Issues Federal Guidance to the Automotive Industry for Improving Motor Vehicle Cybersecurity

Guidance covers cybersecurity best practices for all motor vehicles, individuals and organizations manufacturing and designing vehicle systems and software.

Web Presence Management: Email and Internet Security

A crash course on email and Internet security basics.

Survey Finds Cybersecurity is Biggest Risk of Self-Driving Cars

A study found that 55 percent of corporate risk managers surveyed named cybersecurity as their top concern about autonomous cars.

Lawmakers Worry About Cyberattacks on Self-Driving Cars

Despite the worries, most lawmakers at the hearing appeared excited by the technology, many even referencing rides they had taken in autonomous vehicles.

FBI, NHTSA Roll Out PSA on Vehicle Cyber Threat Risks

The public service announcement says threat actors can remotely attack a car’s electronic control unit through the use of vulnerabilities in third-party devices connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic ports.

Auto Care Association Delivers Cybersecurity Warning at NHTSA Roundtable

Aaron Lowe, Auto Care Association, delivered the warning while participating in a panel discussion as part of the Vehicle Cybersecurity Roundtable.