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10 Things That Will Kill Cycle Time in Your Body Shop

These are 10 things that body shops do every day that make no sense in our industry and only serve to make us more inefficient and less profitable.

Property Damage Appraisers Announce Results One Year After Launch of PDA Xpress

PDA announces it is committing to reducing the promised cycle time from three hours to two and a half.

Estimates: Waste of Time or Path to Profit?

The insurer is going to write what they want, so why bother writing your own sheet, right? But writing your own estimates increases profits due to decreased cycle time.

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Hitting for the Cycle

Asking the question, “Why are the cars waiting all the time?” prompted a decade of process improvement at Craftsman Auto Body in Leesburg, Va. About 10 years ago, the shop hired its first lean consultant. Paul Krauss, president and CEO of the third-generation family business, said the company was “plugging away fixing cars well, and

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Seven Keys to Better Cycle Time

Most of the secrets to better cycle time are simply common sense ways to avoid doing anything more than once.