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Blockchain: What it Means for Your Shop

Blockchain is a word you’re going to hear a lot in the coming months and years. Here’s a primer on what it is and how it will impact you and your business.

Infographic: Why and How Shops Decide Between Aftermarket and OEM Parts

Ever wonder what drives a shop’s decision when choosing aftermarket or OEM parts? Find out why shops opt one way or the other!

Fiat Chrysler Hosts Second Conference Focusing on Vehicle Safety Data

Fiat Chrysler on Nov. 2 hosted the second Advancing Safety Through Data Conference, providing an opportunity for 17 major global automakers, including Fiat Chrysler, to discuss, learn about and share current approaches on proactively and systematically analyzing data.

GAO: Automakers Sharing Vehicle Data ‘on Relatively Limited Basis’

In a recent analysis for Congress, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that 13 of 16 automakers reported collecting, using and sharing data from connected vehicles “on a relatively limited basis.”

CIC: Security Driving Launch of CCC Secure Share Network

Data security is the main reason that CCC Information Services decided to launch the Secure Share network and stop supporting Estimate Management Standard (EMS) files, a CCC executive recently told collision repairers.

Publisher’s Perspective: They May Have Their Keys …

By 2020, 90 percent of all new vehicles will be transmitting data to somewhere. The question is, who owns the data?

Driverless Vehicles’ Cybersecurity Questioned in New York Times Article

As automakers and technology firms continue their quest to develop a viable autonomous vehicle, digital automotive security experts are trying to figure out how to prevent hackers from penetrating the vehicle’s computer area network (CAN).

Auto Care Association Concerned that Not All Automakers Will Comply with Massachusetts Right-to-Repair Requirements

The Massachusetts law requires vehicle manufacturers to share – at a fair and reasonable price – the same service information, tools and software that they provide their franchised dealers.

Data Finds More Than a Third of Animal Collisions Occur During the Fall

The data highlights the impact of animal migration patterns, especially among larger animals like deer and elk.

Data Shows Stricter Driving Laws Do Make Us Safer

Data shows that, across the board, states with tougher driving laws see fewer motorists die on their roadways.

VW’s Irish Data Shows 84 Percent of Cars Repaired Without Reference to Manufacturer Guidelines

A crash test video highlights the stark difference between an appropriate repair following OE guidelines and an inappropriate repair.

OSHA Issues Rule to Modernize Injury Collection Data

Under the new rule, employers in high-hazard industries will send OSHA injuries for posting on the agency’s website.