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Dent Fix Introduces Razor Scraper Set for Windshield Removal

The DF-608 Razor Scraper Set’s narrow blades fit into tight places when removing seals around automotive windows or gaskets.

Dent Fix Introduces Cold Adhesive Glue Pad Set

The kit is a great way for collision repairers to quickly and safely move large areas of metal efficiently when paired with a separately sourced slide hammer.

Dent Fix Introduces New Soft Shock Mallet

The new DF-SM76 soft-shock mallet can apply a strong striking force and avoid damaging or scratching parts.

Dent Fix Introduces MAXI EX Steel Dent Repair Station

This ergonomic steel panel repair tool saves technicians from bending over or kneeling when doing repairs.

Glue Pull Repair Q&A with Dent Fix’s Erik Spitznagel 

Why is everybody talking about glue pulling right now?

Dent Fix Introduces RIVMAX All-in-One Riveting Solution

The RIVMAX system provides an all-in-one solution that not only removes self-piercing rivets (SPR) but also installs SPR, flow and blind rivets.

Dent Fix MAXI DF-505 Featured on LNC Collision YouTube Channel

Dent Fix’s MAXI DF-505 Steel Dent Pulling Station was recently featured on LNC Collision’s YouTube channel with over 393,000 subscribers. 

Dent Fix MAXI Featured on Robby Layton Nation

Dent Fix’s MAXI DXE Steel Repair Station was recently featured on Robby Layton Nation, a YouTube channel with over 306,000 subscribers. 

Dent Fix Introduces New Body Buggy Rack-Saver

The new Body Buggy DF-BB104 makes the difficult task of moving a disabled vehicle simple and safe and frees up your rack in minutes.

Dent Fix Spot Annihilator For Easy Spot Weld Removal

The DF-15DX Spot Weld Drill employs a fast and clean process to remove spot welds without damaging the underlying panel.

Dent Fix Announces Prize Pack Giveaway

Tell Dent Fix your story about your DF-1 Original Spitznagel Stud Gun and you could win a prize pack including a new case for your DF-1.

Dent Fix Launches Improved Body Line Tool

The DF-BL10XL allows technicians to recreate the perfect body line tracing around extended wheel arches and other body lines.