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Presta Products Now Offers New PACE Compounds in One-Gallon Size

This addition answers the customer demand for larger quantities of this top-selling finishing product.

Malco Automotive Launches EPIC PRO Ceramic Coating

This high-end ceramic coating bonds with a vehicle’s clearcoat to form a durable, hydrophobic barrier that lasts up to three years or 36,000 miles.

Malco Launches Disinfectant Wipes and Ready-to-Use Cleaner

Malco Products, Inc. has announced the addition of disinfectant products to their product portfolio.

Jade-Ceramics Introduces Premium Surface Coating Family

Jade-Ceramics is a super-premium surface coating family that self-cleans, providing outstanding gloss, protection and durability.

Hot Wheels Car Care Products to be Presenting Sponsor of PPG Syracuse Nationals Car Show

The Hot Wheels Car Care Crew will be stationed near each gate at the July 20-22 event in Syracuse, N.Y., educating, demonstrating and selling their professional appearance products.

Zero-VOC Plastic Cleaner

EcoClean is a zero-VOC plastic cleaner for use before plastic repair and refinishing jobs to ensure the best performance from fillers, paints and adhesion promoters.

Eliminate Filmy Residue

Mystic Spray Wax provides an instant bond on all paint types with a gloss after application and sustained water beading and slickness wash after wash.

Video Demonstration: Presto! Headlight Restoration Kit

The PRESTO! Headlight Reconditioning System is comprised of two products, a cleaner (PREP) and a coating (PBR).

Triple Cut Compound Now Available in Gallons

Evercoat’s best-selling Triple Cut compound is now available in gallons. It’s designed to provide a fast cut, high gloss and haze-free surface.

How to Treat Headlight Discoloration

New headlights look and work great, but the polycarbonate plastic they’re made from is prone to scratches, turns yellow with time and can be difficult to waterproof. ProTech Polymer Products, Ltd. says it has developed advanced and long-lasting headlight cleaning, reconditioning, sealing and repairing products: PRESTO! PREP and PRESTO! PBR.

Erase Stubborn Salt Stains

Matrix System Automotive Finishes’ Salt Eraser solves an array of salt problems that pop up during the cold season. It removes stubborn salt stains from any fabric quickly and effortlessly – simply spray on.

Complete Headlight Restoration

The chemical and accessory items in the Presta Headlight Restoration Kit take you through a complete headlight restoration – from scratch removal to sealant. Each Headlight Restoration Kit contains: Headlight Restoration Créme, which removes light-to-medium scratches, discoloration, dirt and grime and can be used on plastics, Plexiglas, acrylic and boat windshields; Headlight Sealant, which protects