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Iowa Distracted Driving Fatalities Doubled in 2015

The overall number of accidents in Iowa caused by distracted driving rose to 1,100 last year – a 43 percent increase from 2014.

Editor’s Notes 2.0: Driver Types

The Wanderer. The Itchy Foot. The Tailgater. The Multitasker. We’ve all experienced these types of drivers on the road. Here is my attempt at defining them all.

Editor’s Notes 2.0: No Texting and Driving!

I have a confession to make: I have texted while driving. But 90 percent of the time, my cellphone sits on the passenger seat like a loyal lap dog and my hands are firmly planted on the wheel and my focus is on the road.

AAA Study Finds Fatal Crashes Doubled After Washington State Legalized Marijuana

The research, released on May 10th, focused on fatal crashes among drivers in Washington state from 2012 to 2014.

Survey Reveals Majority of Drivers Still Multitask Behind the Wheel, Despite Knowing the Risks

The national survey reveals that nearly half (47 percent) of respondents have used their phone while driving on roads or residential streets, 40 percent have used their phones while cruising the highway and 86 percent have used their phone while at a stop light or in heavy traffic.

Insurance Company CEO Challenges Auto Industry to Make Cars Safer

Good2Go Auto Insurance Company CEO Joe DeLago argues that automakers are actually encouraging distracted driving by creating dashboards with smartphone features and Wi-Fi capability.

CARSTAR Flagstaff Shows Support for NABC “It Can Wait” Campaign

For 2016, CARSTAR Flagstaff has partnered with Great Circle Media and Flagstaff Subaru to encourage teens to take the pledge to stop distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Trends: Use of Internet, Social Media on Hand-Held Cellphones Spikes

State Farm surveyed consumers regarding their attitudes and behaviors when it comes to distracted driving, revealing surprising trends over time.

NHTSA Launches Campaign to Promote National Teen Driver Safety Week

The campaign was created to help parents talk to their teen drivers about driving safely, with a set of five rules that address the most dangerous, and even deadly, teen driving behaviors.

State Farm Asks Teens What Would Stop Them From Texting While Driving

The survey revealed that nearly all teens, more than 90 percent, say they understand texting while driving is distracting, yet 44 percent say they do it.

Study Finds Cellphone Notifications Impair Drivers’ Focus

The study found that the simple notification distraction is comparable to the effects seen when users actively use their cellphones to send texts or make calls.

New Research Finds Smartphone Use While Driving Extends Beyond Texting

Study from AT&T shows that nearly four in 10 smartphone users tap into social media while driving, almost three in 10 surf the net and one in 10 video chat.