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Foley Survey Reveals Bullish but Measured Outlook in Race to Self-Driving Cars

As Congress makes headway on legislation to expedite the rollout of self-driving cars, automotive and technology companies are already forging ahead in spite of lingering regulatory uncertainty and other challenges, according to a new survey conducted by the law firm Foley & Lardner LLP.

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GM Acquires Driverless-Technology Startup Strobe

As part of the deal, Strobe’s engineering team is joining GM’s Cruise Automation team “to define and develop next-generation lidar solutions for self-driving vehicles.”

U.S. Drivers Worried About Hackers Seizing Control of Autonomous Vehicles

As cars and trucks move toward a more autonomous future, Americans are highly polarized as to whether to accept or reject them on the road, according to a study by American International Group.

U.S. Senators Announce Agreement on Self-Driving Vehicle Legislation

U.S. Sen. John Thune and Sen. Gary Peters said they’ve reached an agreement “on a bipartisan legislative text that sets a framework for the advancement of self-driving vehicle technology.”

Will Federal Safety Standards Keep Pace with Development of Driverless Vehicles?

In anticipation of the arrival of self-driving vehicles, U.S. lawmakers are considering rewriting the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Driverless vehicles
Bosch Survey: New Car Buyers are Bullish on Automated Vehicle Adoption

According to a Bosch study, more than 52 percent of new car buyers expect to own at least one self-driving automobile in their household in the next 10 years.

U.S. House Subcommittee Approves Automated-Vehicle Bill

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce’s Subcommittee on Digital Commerce and Consumer Protections approved a bill aiming to advance the testing and deployment of highly automated vehicles.

Vehicle Technology and Driverless Cars

I’m confident that our industry will adapt to the electronic-nanny revolution currently underway and will be ready to replace and recalibrate whichever devices the vehicle manufacturer incorporates to keep me safe.

World’s First Driverless Electric Racing Car Displayed in Times Square

Roborace, which describes itself as the world’s first driverless electric racing series, hosted a showcase of the world’s first driverless electric racing car – Robocar – in New York City’s Times Square.

USA Today Piece Explores States’ Readiness for Self-Driving Vehicles

USA Today surveyed nearly a dozen states on their readiness to accommodate the widespread adoption of self-driving technology.

Seattle Times Piece Examines Liability for Accidents Involving Self-Driving Vehicles

On the heels of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s executive order allowing companies to use Washington roads as a testing ground for autonomous vehicles, the issue of liability is a hot topic in the state.

‘World’s Most Advanced Radar System for Avoiding Traffic Accidents’ Unveiled by Safe Drive Systems

Safe Drive Systems, a New York City-based developer and distributor of anti-collision radar systems, said it has introduced “the world’s most sophisticated platform for avoiding chain-reaction traffic accidents.”