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Michigan Governor Signs Legislation to Allow Operation of Autonomous Vehicles on Michigan Roadways

Senate Bill 995 will allow operation of autonomous vehicles on Michigan roads where before only testing of these vehicles by manufacturers was permitted.

New Study Finds New Methods for Better Understanding Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies

Research revealed that drivers’ knowledge and attitudes of advanced driver assistance technologies improved after exposure to one of four learning methods about the technologies.

Top 8 Consumer Concerns About Self-Driving Cars

Based on a report from the Boston Consulting Group, safety concerns, need for control and “driver” error are the top three things consumers are concerned about when it comes to driverless cars.

Will Driverless Cars Really Save Millions of Lives?

Article in Washington Post say it’s hard to know which cars are more likely to crash, human-driven ones or those run by software and sensors, due to a lack of data.

Google to Pay People to Test Drive Driverless Cars

The company will pay people $20 per hour to be driven around in one of its driverless cars six to eight hours a day, five days a week.

Volvo Teaching Driverless Cars to Avoid ‘Flying Kangaroos’ for Australian Market

There are nearly 20,000 collisions between kangaroos and cars each year in Australia, which costs Australian insurers and motorists $75 million a year.

NHTSA Holds Forum on Driverless Vehicles

NHTSA sought public input on planned guidelines for the safe deployment and operation of automated vehicles.

Lexus, Toyota to Make Automated Braking Standard on Most Models by End of 2017

Move will make automatic emergency braking technology widely available four years ahead of the 2022 industry target recently announced by NHTSA and IIHS.

Toyota Research Institute Expands Autonomous Vehicle Development Team

Jaybridge Robotics software engineering team will be working closely with counterparts at Toyota Research Institute facilities across the U.S., as well as with partner Toyota research and development teams around the world.

Warren Buffett Weighs in on Driverless Cars

“The only way they’ll be driving everybody around is if they’re regarded as a lot safer,” said Buffett.

Ford to Triple Investment in Semi-Autonomous Technology

Automaker is developing two new features, Traffic Jam Assist and Fully Active Park Assist, as it continues to expand its Ford Smart Mobility plan.

Consumer Watchdog Group Urges California DMV to Ignore Pressure from Google

Consumer Watchdog’s letter came after an AP report that said Google is frustrated with the DMV’s pace at crafting regulations covering the public use of robot cars.