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Former GM Exec Says Driverless Cars Could Hit Market by 2018

GM has been working on computer-driven vehicles for the past decade, but Google has been at the forefront of the movement, testing driverless cars on public roads since 2012.

Attitudes Toward Driverless Cars Have Little to Do With Age

In a Pew Research Center study, researchers found that there currently doesn’t seem to be a clear generational divide on attitudes toward driverless cars.

Driverless Taxis to Take Test Spins Around Japanese Town

Fujisawa residents will be ferried in driverless cars, which, if successful, could be used to transport visitors for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

GM to Test Fleet of Driverless Chevy Volts

Automaker has been discussing its driverless car plans for more than a year, highlighting the safety advantages of eliminating human error.

Consumer Watchdog Petitions California DMV to Amend Driverless Car Testing Rules

Amendment would require police to investigate accidents and require driverless car companies to provide video and technical data related to the crashes.

Female Car Owners Are More Tech-Ready Than Men According to National Consumer Survey By Jabian Consulting

Survey finds 38 percent of women believe driverless cars are the way of the future, compared to only 21 percent of men, and 54 percent of women would pay for an app that allows their car to communicate what’s wrong with it prior to service, compared to only 38 percent of men.

Are Driverless Cars Safer Cars?

Wall Street Journal article states that industry officials are saying automotive executives touting self-driving cars should focus on the vehicles’ impact on safety.

Google Releases More Driverless Car Crash Details

Internet giant released the first report on its driverless car project, which included a synopsis of the 12 accidents since it began testing the robot cars in 2009.

Virginia Opens Up Section of Highway for Driverless Car Testing

The new “Virginia Automated Corridors” project will be overseen by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI).

Google Reveals Self-Driving Cars Have Been in Accidents

Consumer Watchdog group is calling on technology company to release data about the crashes involving its driverless cars.

Honda Shares 50-Year Vision of Human Mobility Experience at SAE World Congress and Exhibition

Honda R&D Americas, Inc. President Frank Paluch believes that by 2050, cars will converge into a network of intelligent, interconnected machines or “Cooperative Car Society.”

Trillions Will Depend on Who, or What, is Behind the Wheel of Driverless Cars

In the U.S. alone, more than $2.5 trillion flows through car-related industries each year.