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Prolong Equipment Life

LA-MAN’s Extractor/Dryers are designed as point-of-use filters that remove moisture and contaminants to improve and extend the life cycle of tools and equipment.

Waterborne Drying System

Available in multiple designs, GFS says its AdvanceCure system provides the fastest drying times of waterborne coatings.

Waterborne Drying Solution

The Tsunami Ultra Drying System is a complete air filtration and drying system designed to enhance the performance of body shops’ painting operations.

Improve Life Cycle of Tools and Equipment

The Extractor/Dryers from La-Man Corp. are designed as point-of-use filters that efficiently remove moisture and contaminants to improve and extend the life cycle of tools and equipment.

Efficient Electric Drying

Infratech has recently introduced its new model Speed Dry (Part No. 15-1000).

Accudraft Launches New Auxiliary Air Movement System

Accudraft’s new Xcelerator Air Movement System has been designed to make any body shop waterborne ready today.

Portable Radiating Heater

The Sun-Spot Plus unit is a portable radiating platinum heater designed to force-cure any type of organic applied coating.

Adjustable Stand

Jett Dry adjustable stands mount to steel ceilings or floor grates with 400 lbs. of strength thanks to magnets.

Complete Compressor and Dryer Package

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions has partnered with Saylor-Beall to offer a complete compressor and dryer package built into one integrated system.

Portable On-Site 6H Compliant Spray Booth

With the introduction of the Mobile Tech Work Station, a certified 6H-compliant booth can now be set up virtually anywhere in just a few minutes.

Evenly Warm Spraybooth Air

The TurboAir Drying System uses a turbine to create a vortex of evenly-warmed dry air in your spraybooth. It will typically cut your spraybooth’s humidity by 50 percent compared to outside air and will evenly warm the vehicle’s metal temperature, resulting in easier spraying and faster dry times. This all translates into 30-50 percent faster

Safe and Easy Drying System

The Sun-Spot is an infrared catalytic heater that’s safe and easy to use. Its flameless catalytic combustion will provide a curing footprint of 22 inches from a distance of 18 inches. This handheld unit is cable-free, portable and lightweight. It heats to 160°F within four minutes. Call (877) 499-9950 or visit www.sun-spot.us.