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Eurovac Introduces Eurovac II Dust Extraction System

The Eurovac II features a 2.5-hp motor capable of handling two technicians sanding at the same time.

Tsunami Launches Dust Collector Regenerative Dryer

Tsunami’s Dust Collector Regenerative Dryer provides an all-in-one solution for dust collector systems by providing clean, dry air necessary for greater pulse performance.

INDASA Launches Mobile Dust-Free Sanding Solution

The fully portable Workstation Pro System allows a technician to be more productive by keeping everything organized.

Eurovac Inline Wet Mix Dust Collection Interceptor for Aluminum Repair

The Interceptor is designed for the retrofit of existing central vacuums, allowing the central vacuum system to now service your dust extraction needs in aluminum bays and the regular steel side of the operation.

New Chief Aluminum Dust Extractor 63L Has Small Footprint and Matching Price

The new stainless steel Chief Dust Extractor 63L combines an economical purchase price with innovative features designed to increase operational longevity as well as body shop productivity.

Chief Automotive Technologies Aluminum Dust Extractor

The dust extractor, which features all-stainless steel construction and high-efficiency immersion separation technology, collects and contains aluminum particles released during sanding.