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Lexus, GM Repair Procedures

Here are some excerpts from current OE repair articles and TSBs found in ALLDATA Collision S3500.

Diagnosing Electrical Problems Post-Collision

Diagnosing electrical problems relating to a crash can sometimes be tricky business. Understanding some of the fundamentals of electrical wiring and components can help.

Bearing and TPMS Procedures on Infiniti Vehicles

Sometimes it’s the little things that trip you up. You apply all of your knowledge, talent, time and energy to restoring a vehicle to like-new condition after it has been in a collision. You’re ready to deliver the car to the customer, but one of the headlamps, of all things, won’t illuminate. Or, the vehicle

Vehicle Ignition Interlock Devices: What You Need to Know

An increasing number of vehicles are being equipped with ignition interlock devices to prevent repeat drunk driving, so it’s smart to have a plan in place if one arrives in your shop.

Addressing Memory Functions in Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX

Today’s complex vehicles are forcing collision repair facilities to address repair issues they never had to address a few years ago. The diagnostic age is upon us, and without the proper tools, training and information to properly assess and repair these vehicles’ complex systems, your shop may be forced to outsource many repairs that you

The Nuts & Volts of Hybrid Repairs

An increasing number of hybrid vehicles entering collision repair facilities means that you need the proper training to ensure accurate repairs and keep yourself safe.

Diary of a Bad Collision Repair

Bad collision repairs are allowed to take place, pure and simple. Greed and not caring allow them to take place. And I’ve seen my fair share.

Power Window, Moon Roof Initialization on ’09 Toyota 4Runner

Electronic vehicle systems have made vehicles more comfortable and convenient to drive. They’ve also increased vehicle safety immeasurably. In your shop, however, they make complex repairs even more complex. Every vehicle has different initialization and reset procedures for a growing list of systems. Searching for instructions takes time – and money! OE information is a

TECH TIPS: Water Leak in Trunk of GM Vehicle May Affect Radio

Have you ever had a customer schedule a collision repair, but when the vehicle arrives it has certain conditions that may not be related to the collision? Your expertise and experience may tell you that these conditions were probably an issue prior to the accident and that the customer may have never realized they were


Airbags, along with other components of safety restraint systems, are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and misinformation is spreading like wildfire. Here’s the real deal on what you need to know to restore them to OEM standards.

SUPER TECHNOLOGY ISSUE: Hybrids – It’s All About Training

The expense and time commitment necessary to get trained on hybrids is significant, but without it, you have no business repairing these vehicles.

TECH TIPS: Repairing the ’06-’09 Buick Lucerne Front Door Lock

Too many times during a busy day, we often overlook what may be an important update or new procedure for repairing a vehicle. Manufacturers’ updates, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and recalls can offer critical information for the estimator or technician. TSBs help shop personnel keep abreast of common problems or solutions that have been discovered