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Tackling Substance Abuse

Addressing substance abuse among your employees first starts with having a policy stated in your employee handbook.

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Can a Shop Be Productive Doing Combo Work?

Can a shop be productive doing combination work? I recently took over a shop where each car is repaired, painted and detailed by the same technician, and they’re not open to change. My first question would be, “Why are you considering a change?” Are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) good? Is the shop generating a

Why Do Body Technicians Switch Shops So Much?

Why do body shop technicians bounce around so much? How and what can you do to keep them at a shop when they’re turning good hours but still want to go to another one?

How Should I Pay My Team?

I have a combo tech and two young vo-tech grads working together in my shop. What is a fair pay plan for all three?