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Survey Finds More Shops Getting Paid for Feather, Prime and Block

The percentage of shops saying they’re paid always or most of the time for feather, prime and block has doubled in the last 10 years.

SCRS Takes Issue with Audatex Feather, Prime and Block Tool

Repairer Driven News says Audatex has failed to act on SCRS’s request that they address an inconsistency in their feather, prime and block digital tool.

Refinishing: Proper Paint Prep

You can never paint something a second time fast enough to be profitable. What’s worse than painting it twice? Painting it three times. So let’s be accurate, darnit.

What Should I Charge for Feather, Prime and Block?

We’ve begun charging for feather, prime and block, but we’re not sure what the labor times should be per area or the material rate. Is there a place I can find rates in my area or do you know what the average would be?

ASA Congratulates AudaExplore on Feather, Prime and Block Estimating Solution

Whenever a panel is repaired and a user-judgment time is entered, AudaExplore’s new feature will allow an estimator the option of allocating some of the repair time to a new labor operation – feather, prime and block – that will calculate as refinish labor.

Washington Collision Repairer Addresses State Farm Over Short-Pays

Shop owner writes letters to State Farm over insurer’s refusal to pay for feather, prime and block and repair procedures recommended by vehicle manufacturers.