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Finding the Right Employee Health Care Benefits for Your Team

Employee health care is a top concern for independent auto body shops — and for legitimate reasons.

The Benefits of Having an Ongoing Business Plan

If you had laid out a well-constructed, systematic plan for your operations, how much further ahead would you be today?

Share Your Business Goals with Employees, and They Will Help You Succeed

It has been my experience that most of the employees in any business are willing to help their company succeed if they’re included in the process. The “plan” needs to be shared – and understood – by the people who will implement it.

20 Groups: The Value of Sharing Information with your Auto Body Shop Peers

I contend that no one knows more about your collision repair business than other collision shop owners, so sharing how your shop does things such as teardown or aluminum repair or parts check-in is super helpful.

Pennsylvania Auto Body Shop Ordered to Pay Thousands in Back Pay, Damages

The shop, McElwain Brothers Paint and Collision, will be paying $67,462 to its workers after it was determined by the U.S. Department of Labor that the business had violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Dollar Average Repair, Close Rate and Other Ways to Measure Your Body Shop’s Success

I’m firmly convinced that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Cost Shifting in Auto Body Estimating Is Bad Business

Not getting paid properly? Cost shifting is not the solution, and is just plain bad business.

Building the Perfect Body Shop Owner

What traits and skills does the perfect body shop owner have? We set out to find out and build that person block by block.

Getting Your Mark-up on Sublet Services

What do you do when an insurer refuses to pay your standard mark-up on sublet repair services?

Do the Facility Math

Comparing your shop to industry benchmarks is a great way to identify areas to fix or improve.

Do the facility math
Refinish: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

A look at my past production numbers as a painter revealed why I didn’t leave as much money on the table as some shops: supplements.

Tips for Selling Your Auto Body Shop

Will an MSO just show up at your door someday soon with a hefty check and a hearty handshake and want to buy your life’s work for big bucks? For most single-location, independent body shops, that’s an unlikely scenario.