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Trend Alert: Glue Pull Repair with KECO

Jason Stahl interviews KECO Body Repair Products President Chris White on the growing trend of glue pull repair.

Glue Pull Repair Q&A with Dent Fix’s Erik Spitznagel 

Why is everybody talking about glue pulling right now?

Body Bangin’: EVs Love Glue Pulling with Chris White

Live from the Southeast Collision Conference, Micki Woods interviews KECO Body Repair Products Owner Chris White on the benefits of glue pull repair.

Glue Pull Repair: Efficient and Clean Repairs

Repair methods must evolve to keep up with changing technology, and one relatively new method of collision repair that’s growing in popularity, relevance and value is glue pull repair.

Body Bangin’: Glue Pulling is Changing the Game!

Micki Woods interviews Danny Hacker of KECO on glue pulling and how it’s changing the game and helping repairers do safer, better repairs.

Your Shop’s Least Invasive Repair Method: What is Glue Pull Repair?

Glue Pull Repair—also known as GPR— is the least invasive collision repair technique. It works by gluing specially designed tabs to the exterior panels of a vehicle and pulling the dent out with varying tools. This method of damage removal offers significant advantages over traditional collision repair techniques as it does not remove e-coatings and

KECO Releases New Collision Glue Pull Kits

KECO has launched its new Collision Glue Pull Kits, a new and improved collection of kits assembled specifically for collision shops.

KECO Debuts Crease Killer

KECO announces the launch of the Crease Killer, the ultimate crease-pulling machine.

KECO Releases K-Beam Jr. for Glue Pulling

KECO announced it has released a new smaller version of its K-Beam, the K-Beam Jr.

Precise Tabs for Precision Pulls in the Smallest and Deepest Creases

Keco Tabs has announced the release of the most precise tabs in the Centipede Crease Tab lineup that allow for precision pulls in the smallest and deepest creases.

H&S Autoshot Introduces GPR-7570 Paintless Dent Repair Kit

Complete PDR kit includes a mini puller, slide hammer, suction cups, glue-pulling knobs, glue gun and an assortment of glue.