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Self-Driving Google Car Hits Public Bus

The fender bender may represent the first time a Google car has caused an accident.

Computers Qualify as Drivers, NHTSA Tells Google

This move marks a major step toward ultimately winning approval for autonomous cars on the road.

Google’s Self-Driving Car Report Shows Need for Driver Behind Wheel

Consumer Watchdog claims that, over 15 months, Google’s robot technology failed and handed control to the driver 272 times, and a test driver felt compelled to intervene 69 times.

Consumer Watchdog Group Urges California DMV to Ignore Pressure from Google

Consumer Watchdog’s letter came after an AP report that said Google is frustrated with the DMV’s pace at crafting regulations covering the public use of robot cars.

Former GM Exec Says Driverless Cars Could Hit Market by 2018

GM has been working on computer-driven vehicles for the past decade, but Google has been at the forefront of the movement, testing driverless cars on public roads since 2012.

Is Google on Auto-Pilot, Headed Straight Toward the Insurance Business?

Google’s recent announcement that it will accept responsibility for any accidents resulting from a flaw in the design of its driverless cars may be the opening it needs to slip into the insurance business.

Dancing With Google and Bing

Do the SEO dance to maximize your potential for search rankings. Dance with Google first, but allow Bing to cut in now and then.

Web Presence Management: Google Changes Everything (Yet Again)

Google changes search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms more often than most of us change undershorts. This time, Google has pulled the rug out from under business Google+.

Google’s Self-Driving Car Gets Rear-Ended, Again

The accident marks the fourteenth time since 2009 that a Google self-driving vehicle has been involved in a collision.

Rival Self-Driving Cars Almost Collide in California

Incident is believed to be the first involving two cars equipped for automated driving.

Google Releases More Driverless Car Crash Details

Internet giant released the first report on its driverless car project, which included a synopsis of the 12 accidents since it began testing the robot cars in 2009.

Google Reveals Self-Driving Cars Have Been in Accidents

Consumer Watchdog group is calling on technology company to release data about the crashes involving its driverless cars.