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Rhode Island Bill Restricting Use of Aftermarket Parts Expected to Pass Legislature

Rhode Island is currently considering House Bill 8013 ( RI H8013), which would prohibit the installation of non-OEM parts without the vehicle owner providing expressed written consent.

Auto Care Association Joins Coalition for Accurate Product Labeling

The Auto Care Association has announced it has joined the Coalition for Accurate Product Labels, which advocates for meaningful, science-based information about the products consumers buy and use.

Deadline Approaching to Sign Petition Asking Government to Enforce 1963 Consent Decree

The petition is seeking 100,000 signatures by Feb. 24th.

Associations Urge Government to Protect Consumer Choice With Vehicle Technology

AASA and MERA are asking the U.S. Copyright Office to protect consumer choice by allowing the independent aftermarket greater access to software-enabled components and parts.

US Officials Rethinking Position on Self-Driving Cars

Language that the federal government is revisiting specifies that in states where the public can access the cars, a licensed driver should be behind the wheel.