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Health & Safety: Shop Sustainability – Why and How

Learning how to decrease your shop’s energy usage while potentially increasing revenue can be a huge benefit for any business.

Health & Safety: You, Me and PPE – Part 2

When it comes to personal protective equipment, most of the responsibility falls on the employer. But employees also share in that PPE responsibility. This includes maintaining their PPE and – most important – wearing it!

Health & Safety: You, Me and PPE

Before you make the decision not to don that piece of protective equipment, let’s consider your risks and your role regarding PPE in the workplace.

Avoiding Workplace Accidents

If you walk around the shop and look with a critical eye, you can start reducing accidents today with some serious attention to detail.

Protect Yourself Properly

If your lungs take in enough solvent-laden air along with your oxygen, they’ll pass the solvent into your blood stream. As the blood reaches your brain and your brain doesn’t find enough oxygen because the solvent is in there, you’ll become dizzy or lightheaded.

Health & Safety: Is Your Shop Ready for a Disaster?

Do your employees know what to do in case of an extreme weather emergency? Do you have people in the shop assigned to take charge in these situations, and are they trained properly in those duties?

Health & Safety: Training, It’s a Good Habit

You may already do periodic safety training, but now is a good time to brush up on your current practices and make improvements where necessary.

Do You Have Any Recommendations Regarding Painter Respirators?

Are there any regulations from OSHA, NIOSH, etc., regarding recommendations or best practices for respirators for painters (supplied air versus air purifiers)?

Health & Safety: A Matter of Record

Hundreds of serious accidents and injuries happen in body shops across the country every year. Through the process of logging injuries and illnesses, you can establish worker protections designed to reduce and eliminate safety hazards.