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VIDEO: The Many Applications of Induction Heat

This episode features BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl discussing the many different applications induction heat can be used for.

Induction Heaters Now Available with Any Choice of Attachments

Induction Innovations announced that customers and authorized resellers now can customize their kits by choosing which attachments they want when purchasing an Inductor Series Pro-Max, Max and Lite.

Flameless Torch

The MINI-DUCTOR II + contains new technological advancements that allow it to quickly release corroded or frozen hardware and other metallic components from corrosion and thread lock compounds.

Extract Difficult Parts

The Mini-Ductor II uses invisible heat to quickly release hard-to-remove, corroded parts.

Heat Up and Remove Seized Nuts and Bolts

The powerful hand-held induction power inverter, the Mini-Ductor II 220v, can heat up to 2-inch nuts and bolts and turn a

Save an Hour Removing Seam Seals

The INDUCTOR MAX is the original induction heating tool that brings portability for the conservative shop looking to save labor times.

Flameless Torch

The INDUCTOR MINI-DUCTOR II, an award-winning tool, is a powerful 1,000-watt, hand-held induction power inverter. Faster and safer than a torch, it instantly heats and removes seized nuts, bearings and other metal or mechanical hardware without the danger of an open flame or potential damage to nearby plastics. The MINI-DUCTOR II is an affordable “must

Release Fasteners in Seconds

The INDUCTOR PRO MAX is the only commercial grade induction heating tool with a two-year warranty and a full year on attachments. Faster and safer than a torch, it’s capable of heating aluminum or steel when paired with the optional Rosebud attachment, and operates on 120 volts/20 amps. It comes complete with INDUCTOR “U-Series” attachments:

Long Coil Kit for Mini-Ductor II

The Mini-Ductor II Long Coil Kit – for use with the Mini-Ductor II and Inductor U-555 – enables the user to gain greater access to hard-to-reach areas where torches can’t go. This new kit offers popular sizes with extra-long 13-in. leads, enabling the user to reach and heat hardware and components buried deeper and gain

Remove Metal with No Open Flame

Induction Innovations, originators of high performance induction heating tools, has  received  the MOTOR Magazine Top 20 Tools Award 2010 for the Mini-Ductor II. This second generation tech tool is a 1000-watt, hand-held induction power inverter that now includes a more ergonomically slip-resistant hand grip and an ultra bright LED to better illuminate the workload. Faster

Efficient and Affordable Induction Heater

Induction Innovations’ energy-efficient line of induction heat-ers reduce the need for consumables like rubber/abrasive wheels that require solvents in the repair process. The Inductor PRO MAX3 removes decals, stripes, vinyl graphics, molding, caulking, and seam sealers and heats nuts, bolts or any size hardware in seconds. Call (877) 688-9633 or visit

Heat Aluminum or Steel

The INDUCTOR PRO MAX4 is the only commercial-grade induction heating tool with a two-year warranty and the capability of heating aluminum or steel. It operates on only 120 volts/20 amps. It comes with “U-Series” attachments such as the Glass Blaster and Concentrator molded in high-temp, impact- and chemical-resistant epoxy poly- mers. Visit