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Survey Indicates Consumer In-Vehicle Internet Connectivity Increasing

Recent survey results from Metova revealed that more than half of respondents own a car that connects to the internet — either directly or via their phone.

Study Shows Americans Support Autonomous Vehicles to Help Seniors, People With Disabilities

New research shows that a majority of Americans support the use of autonomous vehicles (AVs) to improve the independence of seniors and individuals with disabilities.

“Blue Collar Kyle” Q&A – Inspiring Tomorrow’s Auto Body Professionals

Armed with a pair of video glasses and a strong work ethic, Kyle Neely, known online as “Blue Collar Kyle,” is out to change the perception of the collision repair industry through his online presence.

Autonomous Vehicle Testing: ‘Not In My Town,’ Report Says

A new study on autonomous vehicle testing shows that a large part of the public agrees that the testing is needed, but doesn’t want it happening in their own neighborhoods.

Smartphone Usage Possibly Linked to On-the-Job Car Crashes: NCCI Study

The National Council on Compensation Insurance has released a new research brief examining a recent increase in the frequency and severity of workers compensation claims for motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) and discussing potential contributing factors.

Audio Edition Now Available for “The Secrets of America’s Greatest Body Shops”

Dave Luehr and his co-author, Stacey Phillips, announced that the audio edition of their popular book is now available to purchase on Audible and will be available soon on iTunes.

BASF 2018-2019 Auto Color Trends Inspired by Future Mobility

BASF has released its 2018-2019 Automotive Color Trends theme of “Keep it Real,” which was chosen because of focus on innovations in artificial intelligence and autonomous driving making the need to return to the human element and emotions increasingly important.

Comparing the Collision Industry of the Past to Today

I hunted down a bunch of old friends and customers who were still repairing or repainting collision damage every day to get their take on what industry changes have been good and which things were better back in the day. Here’s what they had to say.

2015-2016 State of the Industry

Click here to view the 2015-2016 State of the Industry

A Glimpse into the Future

What our business might look like in 2045 is anyone’s guess. And guess we did, starting with what Mrs. Smith’s ride might look like.

Mitchell’s 3Q 2015 Industry Trends Report Identifies Top 10 Parts Most Damaged in Repairable Collisions

Report also uncovers the frequency with which the parts involved in these repairable collisions are replaced versus repaired and what material each part is typically made of.

The Latest New Thing

No doubt you’re sure that young folks don’t know nuthin’ about collision repair. Just remember that the latest new thing they’re showing you might save you time, be healthier and offer a better, faster repair.