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Arizona, Intel to Create Autonomous Car Research Institute

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has announced the launch of an Institute for Automated Mobility in partnership with Intel, according to an article by, in an attempt to make Arizona the vanguard of self-driving car research and development by bringing government and private industry together.

Intel: Passengers Have a Lot to Say About Self-Driving Cars – We Should Listen

Given that car crashes attributable to human error cause more than 1 million vehicle deaths every year, it’s those human-driven cars people should be afraid of.

Intel Employs Mathematical Formula, LeBron James to Allay Concerns over Driverless Vehicles

With surveys suggesting that many drivers are wary of fully autonomous vehicles, Intel is ratcheting up its efforts to convince consumers that the technology is safe.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to Join BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye in Developing Autonomous Driving Platform

The development partners intend to leverage each other’s individual strengths, capabilities and resources to enhance the platform’s technology, increase development efficiency and reduce time to market.

Intel Plans to Build Test Fleet of 100 Self-Driving Vehicles

On the heels of completing its bid for 84 percent of Mobileye’s stock, the semiconductor giant announced plans to build a fleet of SAE Level 4 autonomous vehicles for testing in the United States, Israel and Europe – this year.

Intel: Mobileye Acquisition to ‘Accelerate Future of Autonomous Driving’

With the acquisition, Intel hopes to capitalize on a projected $70 billion market for vehicle systems, data and services.

Autonomous Driving Will Spur $7 Trillion ‘Passenger Economy,’ Intel Report Says

A new Intel-commissioned study predicts that the rise of autonomous vehicles will give birth to a $7 trillion Passenger Economy by 2050, as today’s drivers become idle passengers.

Delphi to Join BMW, Intel, Mobileye in Effort to Develop Autonomous Driving Platform

The four partners intend to jointly deploy a cooperation model to deliver and scale the developed solutions to the broader OEM automotive industry and potentially other industries.

Intel Announces $250M Investment in Autonomous Driving Technologies

Intel said these investments will drive the development of technologies that push the boundaries on next-generation connectivity, communication, context awareness, deep learning, security and safety.

BMW, Intel and Mobileye Team Up to Bring Fully Autonomous Driving to Streets by 2021

BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye are convinced that automated driving technologies will make travel safer and easier.