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AASP/MA Explores Labor Rates at Membership Meeting

Richard and Sam Valenzuela of NABR provided an update on labor rate information for Massachusetts shops.

WMABA Kicks Off 6th Annual Regional Labor Rate Survey

The WMABA announced it is once again seeking labor rate information from collision repairers in the Mid-Atlantic market.

NABR Launches

NABR says will bring an unparalleled level of labor rate price transparency to the auto collision repair industry.

The Labor Rate: Where We Stand in 2020

With labor rates still suppressed in 2020, it’s time for shops to understand their economics and get paid for all the procedures they do.

AASP/NJ Members Learn About Survey to Help Win Labor Rate Battle

AASP/NJ hosted two successful training events where collision repairers learned how National AutoBody Research’s Variable Rate System could help them win the battle over labor rates.

AASP/NJ to Present Seminars on Labor Rates, Procedure Issues

The AASP/NJ announced it will be hosting two seminars in May focused on addressing labor rates and procedure issues through the Variable Rate System (VRS) by National AutoBody Research (NABR).

GEICO Wins Appeal Case Against Body Shop Over Labor Rates

A Texas body shop has lost an appeal against GEICO dealing with lost funds over labor rate differences, according to an article by the SE Texas Record.

National AutoBody Research Launches California Labor Rate Survey

National AutoBody Research (NABR) has announced the launch of its newly revised California Standardized Auto Body Labor Rate Survey, based on the labor rate survey format defined by the California Department of Insurance (CDI). 

Why Can’t We Get Paid Mechanical Rates for Mechanical Operations?

What can we as technicians do to get paid for mechanical operations included in body operations? We seem to be at the mercy of collision programs influenced by insurance companies.

NABR Launches BillableGenie Online Searchable Database of Insurer-Paid Not-Included Procedures

National AutoBody Research (NABR) has announced the launch of its BillableGenie online service, an independent, centralized source of actual data on insurer paid not-included procedures and operations, labor rates, labor rate concessions and other manually entered estimate line items.

California Auto Body Labor Rate Survey Bill Causes Controversy

The California Senate Insurance Committee recently voted 9-1 to advance Assembly Bill 2276, with a purpose to supplement the auto body labor rate survey laws and clarify parameters and other conditions. 

Houston Auto Body Association to Host Presentation on Variable Rate System

On Oct. 12, the Houston Auto Body Association will host a presentation by Richard and Sam Valenzuela from National Auto Body Research on the Variable Rate System.