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NABR Launches VRS Labor Rate Survey in Arizona

NABR states that the Arizona VRS Labor Rate Survey provides Arizona shops an independent, third-party survey of statewide labor rate data.

NABR Launches Procedures Document Search Functionality

Online, searchable library of documents shows insurers paying for not-included procedures and operations, and what labor rate was paid.

National AutoBody Research Launches VRS Labor Rate Survey in Utah

The Go Collision VRS Labor Rate Survey provides Utah shops an independent, third-party source of state-wide labor rate data.

Body Shop Raises Rates Using Variable Rate System

After several conversations with NABR to understand how the VRS worked, Terrell invested in a VRS subscription and worked together with NABR through the company’s proprietary cost-of-doing-business exercise.

NABR Teams Up with Time Shaver Tools to Launch VRS Labor Rate Survey

Survey provides an independent, third-party source of state-wide labor rate data, based on shops’ actual prices, not on an artificially defined, single prevailing rate.

Discussions on Labor Rate Surveys and Steering to be Held in California

The purpose of the discussions is to provide interested and affected persons an opportunity to present statements or comments regarding the contemplated regulations.

What Can I Do to Get a Higher Labor Rate?

Labor rates in our area have been the same for the past five years or more, and when I asked the insurers for an increase, I was told that I couldn’t get one because I was being paid what everyone else in my area was being paid. I’m barely getting by, so what can I do?

How Should I Pay My Team?

I have a combo tech and two young vo-tech grads working together in my shop. What is a fair pay plan for all three?

How Do I Get An Insurer to Pay My Posted Labor Rate?

State Farm does not want to pay my labor rate of $48 per hour because it says our market rate is $45. What is the best angle to take to get the difference without burning any bridges with them?

New California Compensation Law?

Is there a new California law that states all body men and mechanics are required to use a timecard?