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Managing Millennials in the Body Shop

As hard as it might be to accept, newer generation employees do not work for you – they work for a paycheck and for their young families and the experiences that life brings them.

Managing Millennials
Hiring: Need Auto Body Technicians to Fill Jobs?

There’s a battle raging in our industry to hire and keep technicians. What is the solution so that every shop has the people they need to operate efficiently and profitably? Part 1 of a 2-part series.

Houston Auto Body Association Releases Rate and Material Survey Results

The survey results look at topics such as body, frame, paint, mechanical and aluminum labor.

US Job Openings Up, Qualified Workers Down

CNN Money predicts American companies may have job openings because they can’t find the right candidates, potentially reflecting that many Americans lack the required job skills.

Operations: Forgotten Labor Part III

Modules, used doors, power mirrors. It still ain’t the ’70s, vehicle technology has changed, and we need to get paid for it.