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VIDEO: Avoiding ‘Swaptronics’

“Swaptronics,” or taking a module off a known good vehicle and putting it on another vehicle to see if that cures the problem, can actually cause issues for both vehicles.

VIDEO: Diesel Particulate Filter Regen

Diesel engine drivability issues and the need to regenerate the diesel particulate filter with a scan tool.


Different ADAS systems in various makes of vehicles and how they operate.

VIDEO: Scan Tools and Batteries

The importance of making sure a battery is working properly to fully assess what is wrong with the vehicle with a scan tool.

VIDEO: Audi Front Camera Calibration

Launch Tech demonstrates how to perform a front camera calibration on an Audi vehicle with the X-431 ADAS Mobile.

VIDEO: Launch Tech X-431 ADAS Mobile

Launch Tech introduces the new X-431 ADAS Mobile, which makes smart ADAS calibration even smarter.

VIDEO: Avoiding Wash Bay Diagnostics

How to avoid “wash bay diagnostics” or an “I didn’t see that coming” test drive when it comes to vehicle electronics.

VIDEO: Hurricane Preparation Tips

Hurricane preparation tips provided by the Collision Industry Foundation.

VIDEO: Detecting Wiring Harness Faults

When servicing a vehicle for unrelated codes and unrelated modules, the problem might be the wiring harness.

VIDEO: Diagnostic Tips for HID Lighting Issues

Five diagnostic tips to resolve issues with high-intensity discharge lighting featured in many of today’s sport and luxury import nameplate vehicles.

VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz ADAS Features

Important information to know about Mercedes-Benz ADAS systems such as lane-keep, pre-braking and autonomous driving.

VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz ADAS Camera Calibration

Mercedes-Benz camera calibration.