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Build a Better Mousetrap, and the World Will Beat a Path to Your Door

7 strategies for quality-driven shops to maintain profitability in a marketplace fixated on “fast” and “cheap.”

Assembly-Line Processing:Coming Soon to a Shop Near You

As repair dollars shrink and competition grows, we need to change the way we process vehicles to stay competitive and profitable.

Pump Up the Volume

Can you increase volume by 35 percent without compromising quality while still working within insurance companies’ guidelines? This shop manager says, “Yes.”

Going Head 2 Head

Use “Key Performance Indicators” to compare your shop against others – and to identify and eliminate any

Idle Cars Cost You

For several years, I’d been hearing about the importance of cycle time for collision repair centers. It was a topic of conversation at my paint company performance group meetings. Insurance executives talked about their desire for faster repairs in reducing claims severity, and some insurance companies even developed incentives for collision repair shops that reduced

Smart Strategies to Boost Production

Well, Alison, this is a loaded question. We can approach this from so many different directions, and I believe most of them would be a matter of opinion. We could address different types of production setups – like inline, fast repair and assembly line, technician combination work bays and team cells, to use a few

Pancake Wars

ding that the only batter he’ll use is from an inn in Washington. “I’ve been there myself, and I love their pancakes. “So for me, the Thoroughbred [tie-in] is we’re satisfying a pretty fussy palate here, and we’re serving to those that really, really understand and enjoy something that’s finer than average.” Lassak starts his

Doing the Impossible: Scheduling Labor Effectively

I’ve been in the collision repair industry for 21 years, and one challenge that’s a constant is effectively scheduling production staff. Scheduling in this business is difficult because you have different repair jobs coming in every day and no two jobs are exactly the same – so you can’t follow a standard scheduling method that

Stacking the Odds In His Favor

Leonard Lassak’s pancake philosophy.

The Need for Speed

Want more claims dollars? Strive to standardize your business.

Can a Three-Day Cycle Time Become Commonplace

Jon McNeill, CEO, Sterling Collision Centers Natick, Mass. Opinion: Yes The average repair has somewhere between 17 and 19 hours on the sheet. If you look at those 17 or 19 hours, there has to be somewhere to cram that into a three-day period – or even 24 hours. What you have to do is

What Kind of Repairs Do You Want to Do?

The only way to achieve consistent, quality repairs is to establish clearly defined goals and communicate them to your staff