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State Farm Asks Federal Court to Dismiss Seebachan Lawsuit

State Farm is asking a federal court to dismiss the lawsuit that Matthew and Marcia Seebachan filed against the insurer for its alleged role in John Eagle Collision Center’s negligent repair of their vehicle.

State Farm
Survey: Consumers Would Prefer to Resolve Autonomous-Vehicle Liability Claims Out of Court

According to “Automated Vehicles: Liability Crash Course,” a report released by J.D. Power and the global law firm of Miller Canfield, consumers are suspicious of technology failures and, relatedly, they desire to resolve ADS product liability claims out of court.

What to Do When an Insurance Company Sends the Vehicle Title Instead of Paying Your Body Shop

Insurance companies abandoning cars (and their responsibilities) has been going on ever since insurance companies were first formed. This practice is not only considered unethical, it may also violate most state laws and regulations governing insurance practices. But there is a simple and effective solution.

Federal Court Denies Most of Progressive’s Motion to Dismiss Professionals Auto Body Lawsuit

Judge Kim Gibson of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania denied Progressive’s motion to dismiss the case for three of the lawsuit’s four claims, which means Professionals Auto Body can pursue its case against Progressive for alleged breach of contract, bad faith and unjust enrichment.

Indiana Anti-Steering Bill Amended into a ‘Nightmare’ for Auto Body Shops

What started out as a bill containing “some good things” for body shops and consumers in the Hoosier State has become “a nightmare,” the president of the Indiana Auto Body Association (IABA) said.

Class-Action Lawsuits Are ‘Wrong Way’ for Auto Body Shops to Fight Insurance Companies: Todd Tracy

During a Feb. 17 presentation at the Midwest Auto Body Trade Show in Altoona, Iowa, Tracy explained that he wants to represent body shops in individual lawsuits against insurance companies for short-pay grievances, not class-actions.

Todd Tracy on John Eagle Collision Center Lawsuit: ‘There Are Consequences to Faulty Repairs’

When Dallas attorney Todd Tracy filed a lawsuit against Honda on behalf of Matthew and Marcia Seebachan, he said to himself, “This is the greatest manufacturing-defect case I’ve ever seen.”

Did State Farm Buy a Judge? Racketeering Lawsuit Heading to Trial After Federal Court Refuses to Dismiss Case

A federal judge has denied State Farm’s motion to toss a class-action lawsuit claiming that the insurance carrier secretly bankrolled the 2004 election campaign of Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier in hopes that he would overturn the $1.05 billion Avery vs. State Farm judgment.

Indiana Senate Unanimously Passes Anti-Steering Bill, Minus Several Insurer Restrictions

The Indiana Senate unanimously approved a bill that would prohibit insurer steering and would place other restrictions on insurance carriers and body shops.

Injured Motorcyclist Suing GM for Autonomous Vehicle’s ‘Negligent Driving’

A California motorcyclist has filed a federal lawsuit against General Motors after being involved in an accident with a self-driving Cruise AV.

Can Auto Body Shops Survive Without Lying, Cheating and Stealing?

Is it possible to run a body shop without lying, cheating and stealing?

Auto Body Industry Regulations: Getting Your Voice Heard

Getting involved politically is not an option for collision repairers. Because of the necessary interaction with insurers, there are always going to be hundreds if not thousands of suggested changes to industry laws which can have a significant effect on their bottom line.