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How Do I Get Insurers to Settle Payments More Quickly?

Since the Patriot Act, two-party checks have been difficult to deposit without having the correct paperwork. Insurance companies know this, and some have started ignoring the direction-of-pay on supplements. Other than legal action, which I have no problem with, do you have any suggestions? Insurance companies often use ‘bank drafts’ for settlement payments, not checks

North Carolina Body Shop Posts Video on YouTube Alerting Consumers to Insurer Tactics

K & M Collision applauds Lousiana Attorney General’s action against State Farm and informs consumers of insurer tactics that lead to unsafe repairs.

What Are the Rules/Laws When It Comes to Insurers Refusing to Pay Rental Coverage?

What are the rules/laws when it comes to insurers not wanting to pay for rental coverage for their insureds? I’m getting frustrated with the adjuster calling my customers first if there is an issue or concern.

How Can I Get an Insurer to Pay My Door Rates?

How can my shop build an authorization and go after an insurance company that refuses to pay our door rates?

National Lawsuit Gets Radio Coverage in Memphis Area

Attorney John Eaves Jr. and body shop owner Bill Fowler discussed basis for suit and educated public on the claims process on “Drake & Zeke In the Morning.”

New York Supreme Court Denies Insurer’s Motion to Dismiss Case Involving New York Body Shop

Case brought against Liberty Mutual by Nick Orso’s Body Shop for short pay, labor rate and more will continue.

Louisiana Attorney General Files Suit Against State Farm

Allegations include unfair and fraudulent business practices to control repair industry and force unsafe repairs.

U.S. Judicial Panel Consolidates Lawsuits Filed by Collision Repairers in Five States

Lawsuits will be heard in single proceeding in U.S. District Court in Florida.

ARA Applauds W.Va. Supreme Court’s Ruling on Salvage Parts

Court rules that state’s Automotive Crash Parts Act does not apply to use of salvage/recycled OEM parts.

Louisiana Collision Repairers File Suit Against Multiple Insurers for Antitrust Violations

Repairers in 35 more states expected to file suits on similar grounds over next few months.

Florida Collision Repairers Re-File Multi-Lawsuit Against 39 Insurers

Repairers provide more detailed information relative to specific actions by each insurer and specifying related damages which led to the multi-litigation lawsuit.

State Farm Ordered to Pay Georgia Woman for Breach of Contract and Bad Faith

Suit stemmed from insurer’s denials and underpayment of $4,000 in repairs being performed by Hernandez Collision Center in Savannah, Ga.