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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A/M Parts: Like, Kind and Quality?

I recently read a news story on your Web site [CAA Survey Questions Quality of CAPA-Certified Parts] and feel the need to comment. First, a little background on me. I’ve owned and operated a larger shop on the West Coast for almost 30 years and have experienced firsthand all of the different changes that have

ASK BSB:Supplements and the Law

Dear BSB: Is there a federal law that requires insurance companies to write a supplement within 48 hours of receiving notice? Signed: Stymied by Supplements Dear Stymied by Supplements: No. First, there is no federal law that requires an insurer to write an estimate. (In fact, state law typically doesn’t require insurers to write estimates

Letters to the Editor

The New DRP I was confused by your January 2009 cover story [“The New DRP,” pg. 22]. There are so many reasons why DRPs should be banned, and even though the article touches on the fact that many people in the collision repair industry feel that way, it takes on a defeated tone. Rather than


Addressing Anti-trust Georgina: Nice article on Anti-trust [Editor’s Notes, May, pg. 6]. Just read it while I ate my lunch. If my so-called competitors wouldn’t be so afraid of their own shadow (Puxatawney Phil would be ashamed!), maybe the industry could move forward. Charge what you need to charge; the rest will figure itself out.


Dear Georgina: I enjoyed reading your article on paint judgment times [Editor’s Notes, March, pg. 6]. I see more and more insurance adjusters’ estimates calling for blend within the panels on repaired panels. Allstate and Farmers have been the worst for taking advantage of this. Once Allstate wanted to repair a quarter panel for 12

Letters to the Editor

In Better Hands … Without Allstate. Thursday, Oct. 10 Hi Georgina! I think the October Issue might cause some excitement. I’ve had four phone calls in three days regarding the Allstate article [Oct., pg. 86]. Three of them told me the EXACT same thing happened to them. Two were from different states and one from

Letters to the Editors

Does Your Shop Measure Up? Your article was incredible [“Does Your Shop Measure Up?” March 2002, pg. 40]! I found (literally) my first UMS the same way your picture showed it in early 1980 in a Toyota dealership in upstate Vermont. I had just closed my small shop because of the recession and was amazed

Letters to the Editor

Georgina, I wish to congratulate you on penning a most stunningly wonderful editorial [Victims of Our Own Stupidity? Dec. 2001, pg. 4], which I felt handily expresses an honest and very realistic observational sense of candor. Your brave thoughts on this social topic strikes a solid, resonating chord deep within my own noggin, for I’ve

Letters to the Editors

The Need for Speed Dear Mr. Bailey: I liked your article in the August issue of BodyShop Business [Supervising Smarts, pg. 20]. I’ve watched the industry turn in the unfortunate direction of the almighty dollar for quite awhile now, and I wish there were more techs out there like you who cared about the quality

All In a State Over Allstate

Dear Georgina, After reading your Editor’s Notes in the current issue (June 2001, “All in a State Over Allstate”), I felt compelled to share what we’ve done concerning Allstate. On Feb. 14, 2001, we had a meeting with our Allstate DRP representative. Her boss was also invited but didn’t come to the meeting. Our agenda

Reader Responses

Increasing Cycle TimeDear BodyShop Business:I just finished reading your articles on reducing cycle time (Jan. 2001 Production Issue). This leaves me extremely frustrated. Our shop employs 25 talented people, we have the latest in technology and a well-laid-out shop floor plan. But all of this means nothing if you can’t get the parts. With articles

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