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Precisely Equalized Lifting

The 3,500-lb. capacity QuickJack portable jack system collapses to a 3-inch profile and can be raised to two feet in less than 10 seconds.

Work More Comfortably

BendPak/Ranger’s TS-150 Height Adjustable Tire Spreader quickly lifts tires to a convenient work height to make repairs more comfortable for the technician.

Durable Contact Pads

The Polyurethane Tuf-Pads are comprised of a hardness elastomer that outlasts rubber for a longer lifespan without sacrificing grip.

Safely Load Disabled Vehicles

The I-Bolt allows body shop technicians to safely load disabled foreign and some domestic vehicles on rollback wreckers and frame racks without causing damage.

Light-Duty Puller

The Quick Puller can pull up to 5 tons and offers dual independent pulling capacity so users can set up two pulls at once.

Improve Frame Rack Versatility

Chief’s tower extension, designed for its EZ Liner Express system, adds another 18 inches of clearance between the frame rack’s tower and the vehicle being repaired.

User-Friendly Lift

The new PCL-18 portable column lift system features an easy-to-use design that reduces operator fatigue.

Compact, Powerful Lift

The mid-rise EZE Lift folds smaller to bigger, and its unique custom design gives it the most compact platform available. While it lifts regular cars, trucks and SUVs up to 6,000 lbs., the small platform footprint also accepts ultra-compact wheelbase cars. It meets ANSI/ALI design and build requirements and operates on single phase 110 or

Lift Cars Fast for Speedy Repairs

Today’s body shop has to pull sheet metal on about three cars out of 10. The other seven are getting bumpers changed out, fenders, etc. The New Brewer Body Buddy can be used on 10 out of 10 cars. With 360° of space around the platform and at 3 inches thick when flat, you can

Portable Vehicle Lifts

Herkules Equipment’s K900P portable vehicle lift is equipped with a hitch, handle and wheels, allowing a technician to easily move the lift wherever it’s needed. The lift is ready to operate after an easy hook up to an air line. It’s powered by Herkules Air Bag technology, a maintenance-free power source. The lift is safe

True Vertical Lifting Power

BendPak’s newest heavy-duty scissor lift is bringing true vertical lifting power to shops and garages. Dubbed the “Quatra” after its unique design, the XR-12000A supports a 12,000-lb. payload while maintaining an impressively compact footprint that’s perfect for smaller bays and work areas. BendPak’s quad-opposing scissors design effectively eliminates the need for restrictive arm structures. Operators

Rolling Jacks for Four-Post Lifts

Thanks to the RJ-7 rolling bridge jack, four-post lift owners can enjoy virtually the same benefits as a two-post lift. The RJ-7 provides the ability to raise two wheels off the four-post lift runways, making automotive service such as brake jobs and suspension work a cinch. Its telescoping roller design allows the runways to be