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Waterborne/Low-VOC: Where Are We Today?

Slow adoption of regulations and a changing of the guard in Washington have taken the spotlight off waterborne/low-VOC paint.

CAPA Announces New Labeling Program

Program is for certified plastic parts such as bumper covers that have a waterborne low volatile organic compound (VOC) primer.

Refinish: The Green Scene

An update on the low-VOC/waterborne product market and how collision repairers are integrating “green” into their shops.

NSF International Sustainability Mark Now Identifies Auto Parts Meeting Environmental Claims

Mark helps body shop professionals and consumers identify collision replacement parts with low VOC paints and primers, and recycled packaging made with non-toxic, locally sourced materials.

Technical: How ‘Low’ Will Shops Go?

With regulatory activity on low-VOC/waterborne paint not progressing as expected, how has the market responded? We asked several paint manufacturers to find out.