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Don’t Go in the Dust Bin

How are you changing? What are you doing to adapt to today’s business environment?

What Is Your Management Style?

Are you cool, calm and collected as a manager? No one likes a hothead.

New Book Published for Collision Repair Managers

A new book has been published specifically for collision repair managers titled, “From Doing to Leading: Your Guide for Inspiring People on the Front Lines.”

In Search of a Good Technician

All too often, an owner’s solution to low production is to hire more people. However, if the shop is not properly organized for production, more employees will only add to the confusion and adversely affect your income.

Creating Consistency in Your Multi-Shop Operation

You built a successful collision repair business and then decided to expand to additional locations. Sounds simple, right? But replicating that consistent performance and successful business isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Paint & Materials Management: Get the Habit Started

It’s no revelation that the paint labor hours directly affect the P&M reimbursement dollars on every estimate. When you think about that formula, you have to wonder how we got here.

Body Shop Culture: Building an Environment Where People Do the Right Thing (Without Being Asked)

I like to look at culture as the foundation your company will stand on. Without a solid foundation, we know what happens over time.

S/P2 Releases Meeting Management Courses

The new online courses focus on how to plan, facilitate and participate in all types of meetings, and have been developed for all ages of industry professionals.

Management: The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

To get respect and be treated as a professional, you must master your craft and be a professional. So let’s set the bar high.

Management: You’ve Got Personality

There are a lot of personalities to deal with in your shop. Here’s how to make them all see your way of success.

Management: Will the True Repair Professional Please Stand Up?

Be the expert and the professional you need to be. Don’t leave your future in someone else’s hands, and remember: occupant and vehicle safety should be the main concern.

Employees: Developing Your People

Developing your employees is just as important as fixing wrecks if you want to grow and thrive as a company.