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Management: Will the True Repair Professional Please Stand Up?

Be the expert and the professional you need to be. Don’t leave your future in someone else’s hands, and remember: occupant and vehicle safety should be the main concern.

Employees: Developing Your People

Developing your employees is just as important as fixing wrecks if you want to grow and thrive as a company.

WIN Offers Free ‘Choice Management’ Webinar

Ruth Weniger, CEO of Airbag Solutions and 2015 Most Influential Woman award recipient, will share the three most important things you can do to shift from ineffective time management to high-performance choice management.

There’s Gold on Those Shelves

You only need what you need, when you need it. Why pay for something to sit? So get organized and clear out your parts sheds and shelves.

Management: Taking Charge

Instead of complaining and focusing on what you can’t change, why not focus on the things you can change?

From the VP: Make Training a Part of the Culture at Your Auto Body Shop

Lack of training not only inhibits productivity, expertise and skill development, it also exposes your company to liability and increased insurance premiums.

CARSTAR Expands Proprietary Edge Performance Group Training Program for 2015

The CARSTAR operations team has expanded its EDGE Performance Group platform, with the goal of continuing to raise the bar in the CARSTAR CCC initiative, which is Closing Ratio, Cycle Time and CSI/NPS scoring.

Business: Open Your Eyes

Viewing your operation from the perspective of your customer can open your eyes to improvements you need to make.

Survey Aims to Help Shops Better Understand Industry Billing Practices

The first of these surveys, which covers refinish-related items and operations, is available online now through April 30.

Cover Story: What Does It Cost?

Knowing both your direct and overhead costs is key to improved profitability.

Cloud-Based Time Tracking System

Lathem’s PC600 time clock works with a Web-based employee time and attendance system to automatically calculate work hours and integrates with QuickBooks, ADP and Paychex.

Comfortable Alternative to Kneeling

The Knee Saver work seat provides a more comfortable alternative to kneeling on the ground while performing restoration jobs.